Articles of the Day 6/11/15: Why Does The World Hate Israel?

“Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
and I will do all that I please.“Isaiah 46:9-10

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Israel Border Police shoot dead Hamas bomber in Jenin

“Hamas activist Mourens Al-Deen Ezz, 23, was shot dead Wednesday morning when he tossed a fire bomb at a special Border Police unit which was arresting terrorist suspects in the Jenin refugee camp on the West Bank. No police officers were hurt in the ensuing clashes. Mourens earlier wrote on his Facebook page that he planned to die that day as a “martyr.”

Poll: 71% Believe World Has Bias Against Israel

“The majority of Israelis believe global community has double-standards regarding Israel, supports Judea-Samaria regardless.”

Why does the world hate Israel? What did Israel ever do to the world except exist. 

Worse Than Hamas? ISIS in Gaza

“Earlier this month Hamas “police” stormed the Gaza home of Yunis Hunnar, believed to be a member of a Salafi group linked to ISIS. A Hamas spokesman later said Hunnar had carried out attacks against the ruling group in May. Nor was it the first time Hamas’ rule had been challenged by Islamists more radical than itself.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Moderate rebels take key southern base in Syria, dealing blow to Assad

“A coalition of moderate rebel factions known as the Southern Front took control of the Brigade 52 base by early afternoon, spokesman Issam al-Reis said. Brigade 52 is the largest military installation in Daraa province, which borders Jordan, and is key to the defense of northern routes leading to the Syrian capital, Damascus.”

Syrian Rebels Begin Conquest of Regime-held Province

“Rebels make first advance seizing military airport in Druze-majority Sweida province, crimping regime air power in Daraa and Damascus.”

Iraq Situation Report: June 9 – 10, 2015

Lebanon Receives US Missiles For Anti-Jihadist Fight

“BEIRUT — Lebanese and American officials gathered Wednesday to mark the delivery of more than 200 anti-tank missiles the United States says will help Lebanon’s army defend its borders against terrorists.”

Despite the close integration of Hezbollah and the Lebanese army the US continues to arm the Lebanese army. It is likely these weapons will be used against Israel at some point in the future. 

Hezbollah and Isis clash in first-ever battle

“Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah and radical Islamist terror group Isis engaged in the first-ever direct clash between the two groups in Lebanon’s northeastern Bekaa Valley yesterday.”


In The Clouds?

“Q. Paul said that Born Again believers would be caught up with Jesus in the Clouds. My thinking is that at the time of the Rapture the whole Earth can’t be full of clouds at the same time of the day!! Can you tell me what exactly are these Rapture Clouds?

A. In Acts 1:9 at the ascension, as Jesus was taken up, a cloud hid Him from the disciples’ view. God could easily orchestrate a similar event for the Rapture.Remember, the whole earth doesn’t have to be full of clouds, just the place where we all meet the Lord (1 Thes. 4:17).

According to the Strong’s concordance, a parallel concept in the Old Testament was the pillar of cloud that protected the Israelites from the heat of the desert sun in the wilderness. It hovered over them every day as a shade from the sun. Exodus 13:20-22 tells us the cloud never left them during all their time in the wilderness.”

Ron Rhodes on the Church Replacing Israel

“Understanding whether the Church has replaced Israel or not is very important to the interpretation of Bible prophecy. It is important because Bible prophecy is intimately related to the Biblical covenants, such as the Abrahamic Covenant in Genesis 12 and the Davidic Covenant in 2 Samuel 7. These are unconditional covenants.

The vast majority of Catholics and Protestants believe in Replacement Theology. They argue that the Jews were not faithful, and so therefore God has washed His hands of them and has no purpose left for them. The Church then has inherited all of their blessings. There are a couple of things I could say about that. First of all, did you know that many of the promises made in the covenants continue to be repeated throughout the entire Old Testament? If Israel was unfaithful in that first couple of years after the covenant was made and therefore Israel was no longer recipients of those promises, how come those same promises continue to get repeated over and over again throughout Old Testament history?

The second point I want to make to you is that I consider Replacement Theology not just doctrinally aberrant, but dangerous. It’s dangerous because it affects the way that people view Israel today. It’s the foundation stone of Antisemitism.”

If it were true that the Church replaced Israel then why would there have been the creation of an Israeli nation with the power and means to defend itself? If the LORD was truly done with the Jewish people then why are they not extinct now? The Nazis (and the Romans before them and the Babylonians before them, Assyrians before them) could have wiped the Jewish people out forever but every time the Jews came back. Either they are the most resilient people ever created or God is watching over them for a purpose and because he loves them. There is no way it is luck or coincidence that a scattered people throughout the world is regathered to the holy land. Christians need to wise up, study scripture and pray to the LORD for forgiveness and wisdom.


Muslim Jihadist Met Jesus and Became Christian

An international financial newspaper says that Israel is the main cause of Middle East problems

“The Financial Times, a London based international newspaper, says, in its news coverage and its editorial pages over the last year, that Israel is the cause for all problems in the Middle East. The Financial Times believes the role of the Jewish settlements in Israel’s Judea and Samaria, above any other single factor, is affecting the conflict and the newspaper, at the same time, downplays the other factors in the conflict such as terrorism and the political split between Hamas and Fatah, the two Palestinian factions.

However, you must remember that the land of the Jewish state is God’s land (Leviticus 25:23) and God has given the land to the Jewish people. The Lord, through His ancient Jewish prophets, said that there would be trouble between Israel and her neighbors (Joel 2, Ezekiel 35, and Isaiah 17 – plus many other passages). In fact, the armies of the world will gather at Jerusalem in the last days to destroy the Jewish state and it is at that time that Jesus Christ comes back to save His chosen people, the Jewish people.”

Settlement activity as the cause of the conflict is often peddled by the Left and Arabs in the region. The real issue is the existence of Israel. The world cannot stand that Israel exists. There is no two state solution since Arabs cannot accept Israel no matter how small. Israel could be reduced to a street sign and that would be too much for Arabs.  There is only only one solution…..God’s solution.

White House welcomes Jerusalem passport ruling as upholding president’s authority

“The court ruled on Monday that citizens born in Jerusalem are not permitted to list Israel as their place of birth on their US passports, which the State Department issues.”

Seems discriminatory too me. Because they are Jewish and born in Jerusalem they must lie on their passports. I do agree the President does have authority to make recognition determinations. The problem though is that the current US President is anti-Semitic. His ‘determinations’ are flawed and detrimental to a traditional American ally. 

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