Articles of the Day 6/18/15: An Abomination Against God

“Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.
I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, ‘My purpose will stand,
and I will do all that I please.“Isaiah 46:9-10

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Israel welcomes chaos on its borders

“When the Jewish state is no longer the only vulnerable ethnic outsider in the Middle East.”

The third Lebanon war scenario

“The IDF has the capacity to defeat Hezbollah and to bring about a real change in the strategic balance in the north.”

The Palestinian Authority wants to give control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the global Islamic community

“The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian Authority(PA) says the PA favors transferring control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the Organization of Islamic Conference made up of the 57 member states of this global Islamic organization.

The PA would accept the management of the Temple Mount by the Saudi based Organization of Islamic Conference whose 57 member states includes Iran and other Islamic members who have called for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth. The Israeli government officially has the sovereign control of the old city of Jerusalem which includes the Temple Mount, but Israel has given custodial responsibilities to the PA of this site, the most sacred site in all of Judaism.”

“The ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah wrote 2,500 years ago that what we see happening today would be the case when Jesus Christ returns to the earth to build His Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Zechariah 12:2 says that Jerusalem will be the center of controversy at this time. Zechariah 1:14-16 reveals that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will be aggressively possessive of Jerusalem, He will be angered by the arrogant security of those who think they control the Temple Mount and Jesus will come and build His Temple on this holy site and rule and reign from that Temple forever.”

God gave this land to the Jewish people so it is not the PA’s to give up. This is an abomination against God. 

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Kurdish offensive deals strategic blow to Islamic State

“In a significant victory over the Islamic State, Kurdish forces consolidated control Tuesday over the key Syrian town of Tal Abyad along the Turkish border and exposed retreating militants to further attacks.

The victory by a Kurdish alliance with the Free Syrian Army, one of many rebel groups battling the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, extends Kurdish occupation over a stretch of northern Syria. It also cuts the militants’ vital supply line from the Turkish border to the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa, Syria.”

Syrian rebel force launches offensive near Golan to clear path to S. Damascus. Israel acts to protect Druze

“Jaysh Hermon (the Army of Hermon) Wednesday, June 17, launched a broad offensive on Syrian army forces in the Quneitra and Hermon sectors bordering on Israel. Its objective is to capture the Syrian army’s 68th Brigade headquarters at Khan al-Shih which commands the main Quneitra-Damascus highway. This would clear the rebels’ path to the southern suburbs of Damascus up to Western Ghouta, from which they would encircle the government troops defending the capital.”

Jordan Fears Imminent ISIS Invasion

“Jordan is preparing for invasions by Islamic terror groups by arming Bedouins in Syria and Iraq to prevent incursions, reports say.”

Syrian Army claims to have repulsed major rebel offensive on Golan military positions

“According to Reuters; a Syrian Army source claimed that the army had beat back an insurgent assault to take over several hilltops and the government-controlled villages of Tel Shaar and Tel Bazaq, north of the deserted provincial capital of Quneitra.”

Iraq Situation Report: June 16 – 17, 2015


The Four Gentile Kingdoms

“Q. My question is this. When King Nebuchadnezzar had his dream, (Daniel Chapter 2) Daniel interpreted the dream as representing the 4 great kingdoms with Babylon being the greatest. I admit I don’t know my history all that well, however, how did the the remaining 3 get lined up with the Medo-Persian empire, Greek empire and the Roman empire? I am wondering how those lined up as opposed to, say, the Chinese Dynasty which was also a great empire.

A. God has always viewed history from Israel’s perspective. Babylon conquered Israel and became the statue’s head of Gold. Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar this meant that God had made him the ruler of all mankind and even the animals, no matter where they were on Earth (Daniel 2:38). There were other great kingdoms on Earth, and had he wanted to Nebuchadnezzar could have conquered them all.

When Media-Persia conquered Babylon they assumed that power, followed by Greece, who conquered Persia, and finally Rome, who conquered the remnants of the Greek Empire. Together these kingdoms represent Gentile Dominion, remnants of which still rule the world today, and will until the Second Coming.

It has always interested me that the metal representing each succeeding Kingdom was less precious on one hand while being stronger on the other. Silver is less precious but stronger than gold. Bronze is less precious but stronger than silver. Iron is less precious but stronger than bronze. To me this means that each one had less integrity and was more oppressive than its predecessor.”

What Are the Wars of the End Times? 1-3

“The first — the War of Israeli Extermination — is described in Psalm 83. Psalm 83 states that the immediate neighbors of Israel will launch a war for the purpose of wiping out Israel as a nation. The nations described as being a part of this nefarious effort are those with a common border with Israel including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Gaza. All of these share a common border with Israel.

The second half of Psalm 83 is a prayer for Israel’s victory. The outcome of the war is not specifically stated in Psalm 83, but we know from other Scriptures that Israel will be victorious. For example, Zechariah 12:6 says that in the end times Israel will be like a firepot among pieces of wood, and a flaming torch among sheaths, so that that they will consume on the right hand and on the left all the surrounding peoples. They are going to be like David against Goliath.

Author Bill Salus believes this war of annihilation will boomerang on the Arab nations and will result in their overwhelming defeat, producing great territorial expansion and enhanced national resources for Israel. And yes, peace will come to Israel.

Incidentally, it is during this war that Israel will most likely destroy Damascus in fulfillment of the prophecies in Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 19. These passages say that in the end times Damascus will be destroyed and it will never be built again.”

What Are the Wars of the End Times? 4-6

“In Revelation 8 & 9 we come to the fourth war, and that is the Nuclear War of the Tribulation. What appears to happen here in the book of Revelation is that the Conventional War started by the Antichrist begins to morph into a nuclear war resulting in the deaths of another one-third of those left alive. If you calculate that, one-third of those left alive is another 1.5 billion. That means that by the middle of the Tribulation, 3 billion people will die in 3.5 years. That’s one-half of all humanity is going to die in the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation!”

Still More On the Mark Of The Beast

“Q. I read the below piece recently, and it seemed to link with your thoughts regarding Satan’s activities before the flood, in interfering with the genes of animals.

“The mark of the Beast in the book of Revelation could be the key. Anyone who takes this mark can no longer be saved according to scripture. This mark may include an implanted bio-chip and/or a genetic altering that in some way changes the human genetic code from being made in the image of God into being transformed to an image of Satan. Thus, they are forever disqualified for salvation through the Kinsman Redeemer that God chose to save the human race (Jesus).”

What are your thoughts?

A. This is the latest speculation concerning the mark of the beast. Like everything that preceded it, this is human speculation based on current advances in technology. Personally, I don’t think it will be necessary to have their DNA altered to prevent them from being saved. God will know who has taken the mark, and will deny them entry into the kingdom.

Let me take this opportunity to emphasize that the mark of the beast will not be implemented until after the Great Tribulation begins (after the Church is gone), and everyone left will receive advance warning by God not to take it (Rev. 14:9-11). Therefore, those who take it will do so knowingly and willingly. Tribulation believers will be expected to forfeit their lives rather than take the mark (Rev. 14:12).”


Ban Bashes Israel for Making Gazan Children ‘Suffer’

“UN demands Israel make steps to protect children in Gaza, failing to note Hamas civilian shields and embedding of terror infrastructure.”

49% of Israelis: Obama Purposely Harming US-Israel Ties

“Poll finds nearly half of Israelis agree with MK Michael Oren who said Obama’s ‘mistakes’ are being made on purpose.”

Fighting the good fight

“As boycott, divestment and sanctions initiatives sweep across university campuses in the U.S., pro-Israel StandWithUs campaign is trying to counter the damage they inflict on Israel’s international image • Changing people’s minds, one campus at a time.”

Emirati Writer: Instead Of Believing In Conspiracy Theories, Arabs Must Find Common Ground With Their Foes, Such As Israel And U.S., In Order To Secure Their Interests

“In a June 6, 2015 article for the English-language UAE daily Gulf News, writer Dr. Khalifa Rashid Al-Sha’ali decried the Arab fondness for conspiracy theories, which he said is shared by the elites, the masses, and the media.”

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