Articles of the Day 7/28/15: Hezbollah Rattled?

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Iran has stopped giving us money, top Hamas official says

“Tehran’s aid to the Palestinian terrorist group has largely dried up, leaving the Islamists high and dry, claims Moussa Abu Marzouk.”

Jewish Day of Mourning Greeted by Palestinian Riots on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

“Jews prohibited from prayer at Judaism’s holiest site, and subject to harassment and attack.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

ISIS Expelled From Syrian Provincial Capital

“In major loss for jihadists, regime troops and Kurdish fighters drive ISIS out of Hasakeh a month after the group launched assault on it.”

Explosion cuts gas supply through Iran-Turkey pipeline

“An explosion Monday night suspended the flow of gas through the Iran-Turkey pipeline in the eastern Turkish province of Agn (Ararat). It will be resumed when the pipeline is repaired. There was no claim of responsibility for the blast, but the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PK) vowed to end its truce with Ankara after Turkish air strikes against its bases.”

Hezbollah terror leader tightens security for fear of being targeted by ISIS

“Nasrallah is moving through underground tunnels and is receiving food from Tehran as part of the heightened security measures.”

Hezbollah appears quite rattled by ISIS. 

Waking Up the Neighbors

“The war in Syria has dramatically changed Hezbollah. Once limited to jockeying for political power in Lebanon and fighting Israel, the group is now a regional player engaged in conflicts far beyond its historical area of operations, often in cooperation with Iran. Underscoring this strategic shift, Hezbollah has transferred key personnel previously stationed near the Israel–Lebanon border to a newly established Syrian command and to outposts even further abroad, in Iraq and Yemen.”

Syria Daily: Regime Fails to Advance in Northeast Damascus, Collapses in Idlib Province

“A day after President Assad admitted, “We are forced to give up areas to move those forces to the areas that we want to hold onto”, Syria’s military has failed to advance in a rebel-held area of northeast Damascus.

Regime troops, including units of the elite Republican Guard, attacked the district of Jobar on several fronts early Monday. The ground operations were accompanied by artillery shelling, rockets, and missiles.

State news agency SANA maintains that the offensive took several buildings in the east of Jobar, most of which has been held by rebels since February 2013.

The leading faction Jaish al-Islam and opposition activists tell a far different story. They say rebels pushed back the offensive, killing some of the attackers — including a commander — and downing a warplane. Footage, later removed by YouTube, showed slain Syrian fighters with some carrying the insignia of the Republican Guard.”

Iraq Situation Report: July 24 – 27, 2015


The Coming Psalm 83 War: Christian Betrayal

“Vic Batista: I remember before I first became a Christian I had a dislike for the Jewish people, but never really understood why. Now I know that the Enemy influences so many so they’ll have a prejudice against God’s people. Therefore, we need to be careful because Antisemitism is inspired by Satan’s demonic influence. Thank God when I was born again and I began to read the Bible the Holy Spirit began to show me the plan that God has for the Jewish people and how much He loves them. It really changed my perspective toward the Jewish people.

Nathan Jones: Praise the Lord! We are definitely seeing many churches and church leaders giving up their traditional support of Israel and turning against the Jewish people and supporting the Palestinians. The Palestinians are the descendants of Israel’s enemies. How many churches are now siding against God’s people? Can you believe Christians actually are hating God’s people. When I use the term “God’s people” obviously the Church, those who believe in Jesus as Savior, are God’s people as well. But, God has never said that He has gotten rid of the Jewish people as His people as well.”

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