Articles of the Day 7/30/15: The Price of Prisoner Exchanges

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Pride parade to stump for rights in capital

“Jerusalem’s annual Gay Pride March, with its 5,000 expected participants, isn’t quite as large as its counterpart in Tel Aviv, but it aims to bring just as much openness to a city often derided as a religious backwater.
The 14th annual event taking place Thursday evening, organized by the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, is dedicated this year to transgender visibility and public awareness.”

You have to wonder how much it angers God to flaunt such sin and such rebellion in his most treasured city on earth. Beware of pride.

Israeli strike in Syria said to target Samir Kuntar

“Notorious terrorist spent decades in prison in Israel before his release in a 2008 prisoner exchange with Hezbollah.”

The price of prisoner exchanges. They may or may not have got him. What matters though is that they wanted to take him out which begs the question why he was released in the first place. This guy went right back to terror. His only mission is to kill Jews. Why politicians make such deals I will never understand.

IDF Could Launch Preemptive Strikes against ISIS in Egypt

“Senior Israeli army officer says threat of terror in Sinai growing; IDF could strike ISIS’s ‘Sinai Province’ affiliate if attacks imminent.”

4.4-magnitude earthquake felt across Israel

“With epicenter in Dead Sea, tremor felt as far north as Haifa; no injuries or damage reported.”

On the same day as the Gay pride parade. Coincidence? I think not. Wake up Israel!

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Three Turkish soldiers killed in PKK ambush in Anatolia

“One Turkish officer and two privates were killed Thursday in the southeastern Anatolian town of Şırnak in a road ambush set by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Drones, choppers and special forces have been sent to the region to “eliminate” the terrorists. PKK attacks have intensified in the last ten days since the Turkish army launched strikes against its targets in northern Iraq and Syria.”

Kurds are fighting back instead if fighting ISIS. Erdogan’s  plan is working. 

Iran orders from China 150 J-10 fighter jets that incorporate Israeli technology

“Iran is about to conclude a transaction with China for the purchase of the Chengdu J-10 multirole jet fighter, known in the West as the Vigorous Dragon, according to an exclusive report from DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources. Beijing has agreed to sell Tehran 150 of these sophisticated jets.
While the Chinese J-10 is comparable to the US F-16, our sources report that it is virtually a replica of the Lavi, the super-fighter developed by Israel’s aerospace industry in the second half of the 80s.”

Soon flush with money Iran is wasting no time purchasing arms. 

Allies tolerate Turkey’s double game to boost IS fight: analysts

“Suspicions are swirling that Erdogan’s sudden embrace of the US-led campaign against IS in Syria and Iraq simply provides the cover to pound Kurdish rebels, viewed in the West as a bulwark against the jihadists.

Western capitals had “massive mistrust” in the motives of Turkey, which under the authoritarian and Islamist-rooted Erdogan has been accused of turning a blind eye of its own to IS, said Ege Seckin, Turkey analyst at IHS Country Risk.

“The member states are fully aware that the Turkish priority is an attack on the Kurds — to be more specific, the prevention of a contiguous Kurdish entity in northern Syria,” Seckin told AFP.”

Hundreds Of Documents Have Been Seized And They Reveal That Turkey Is Most Definitely Working With ISIS In Killing Christians

“Turkey is not really fighting ISIS, regardless of anyone says. ISIS is the face of terrorism, and Turkey is the one pulling the strings, only acting as though they are fighting terrorism.”

This is exactly what the Russians are doing in the Ukraine. Guess that is the trend these days. Arm and fund terrorists groups to do your bidding. Seems Turkey is doing this quite well.

Egypt warns Turkey not to impinge on Syrian sovereignty

“The Foreign Ministry in Cairo warned Ankara Wednesday to respect Syrian sovereignty while conducting air strikes against the Islamic State and other Islamist groups. Egypt supports the fight against terrorists and the Islamic State, said the communiqué, but these operations must be conducted in keeping with the law, international norms and Syrian sovereignty.”

Interesting, why would Egypt even care? Keep a close eye on these two countries. They don’t like each other. 


Babylon Or Gog Magog?

“Q. I’ve been studying the Book of Revelation tonight and run into a puzzle. In Rev 16:13-16, it says the demons went out to the gather the kings of the earth for battle. At least in my Bible (the NASB) the next battle turns out to be the victory over Babylon (Rev 17-18).
Then later at the end of the 1000 year reign we have another battle with Gog and Magog mentioned (Rev 20:7-10).
Hence my question; is the battle of Armageddon the victory over Babylon to end the 70th week or Gog Magog to end the millennium? Or am I wrong on both concepts?

A. It’s a little confusing because Rev. 17-18 are a special 2 chapter parenthesis concerning the destruction of Babylon. The Battle of Armageddon actually begins in Rev. 16, of which the destruction of Babylon is part (Rev. 16:19), and concludes in Rev. 19:19-21 when the Lord returns to reign.

The Gog Magog battle at the end of the millennium is Satan’s final attempt to defeat God and takes place on the threshold of eternity.”

The Coming Psalm 83 War: Future Hope

“Nathan Jones: One of the best parts about studying Bible prophecy, besides getting to know God better and His plan, is to alleviate fear and to give us hope. When you know what is coming down the road, and you know there are some wonderful events coming down that God has promised, we learn that God always keeps His promises. Knowing that gives us hope for the future.”


Planned Parenthood hires crisis management firm as third video is released

This video is pretty disturbing so watch knowing you might get sick. Seriously, I could not finish watching it. 

“The Center for Medical Progress released their third undercover video of Planned Parenthood’s involvement with the sale of fetal tissue for research. The video features an interview with Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist who used to work for StemExpress as a procurement technician.”

The level of greed and casual way humans are treated here is beyond disgusting. Planned Parenthood is evil and it not only needs to be defunded,  it should be shutdown!. The Canaanites sacrificed children to the false God Moloch. Today we are doing the same thing to the false god of money. The Canaanites used to burn the children alive upon the a statue of Moloch. What is done today is no less barbaric parts of children sold for money is about as wrong and evil as it gets. The Canaanites no longer exist anymore. What does that tell you?

Second Message for the People of God in America!

“Throughout history, nations and empires have been judged and destroyed for transgressing biblically defined moral and spiritual boundaries! Boundaries such as:
• SEXUAL PERVERSION, like that of Sodom and Gomorrah at the time of Abraham around 2000 BC.
• IDOL WORSHIP that in its worst conditions led to Child sacrifice, which led to the destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC.
• WICKEDNESS AND MORAL DECADENCE, which caused the destruction of the Assyrian empire about 612 BC by the Babylonians and Medes.
• ANTI-SEMITISM, which led to the destruction of the Egyptian armies about 3500 BC and the fall of Adolph Hitler’s Germany after World War 2.
In every instance the destructions caused unbearable sufferings and hardships to everyone that did not heed the prophetic warnings given in advance by the Hebrew prophets. Presently, America has crossed all of these dangerous biblical boundaries:
• 1962 – Engel v. Vitale: the removal of Prayer in public schools by the Supreme Court.
• 1963 – Abington School District v. Schempp: the removal of Bible reading in public schools by the Supreme Court.
• 1973 – Rowe v. Wade legalized abortions by the Supreme Court. Since then America has performed about 55 million abortions. Presently about one million abortions are occurring per year in America.
• 1970’s – Permissive legislation was passed that encouraged the growth of pornography in America. Presently America contributes about $10-12 billion within a $90 billion per year porn industry.
• 2013 – United States v. Windsor is the case that the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA stated that one man should be married to one woman. DOMA was biblically supported according to Genesis 2:24, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”
• 2015 – Obergefell v. Hodges was the Supreme Court case that ruled in favor of Same Sex Marriages, which is unbiblical according to Romans 1:27 and elsewhere.
• 2015 – The present White House Administration has turned its back on Israel. Obama believes the Iran nuclear deal is good, but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu believes it’s the worst deal imaginable.
The Lord has issued prophetic warnings to Americans through; remedial judgments, prophetic voices, and ultimately by giving them the ungodly leaders the people deserve.

Bill Salus is right. We have crossed all boundaries. God’s protection has been removed. 9/11 was just the beginning. 

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