Articles of the Day 8/24/15: When Cartoons Aren’t Funny

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

UNRWA Cartoons Promote Car-Terrorism against Jews

“UN agency under fire after school posts anti-Semitic cartoons inciting murder of Jews. UN Watch officially protests.”

At the same time the UN is begging for more money to fund these terror indoctrinating schools. 

Report: Hezbollah Recruiting Fatah Members to Attack Israel

“PA sources claim Lebanese terrorist group recruiting Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade cells to establish network in Judea-Samaria.”

Meet Iran’s Islamic Jihad Cell that Attacked Israel

“ID of 5 Palestinian terrorists who fired rockets last week unveiled; license plates show they hailed from Iran hub of Damascus.”

Israel concerned Hezbollah may get new Iran missile

“From Lebanon, surface-to-surface weapon unveiled Saturday could be used to hit any point in Israel, security officials warn.”

Report: Hezbollah raises alert level along Israel border

“Kuwaiti paper says Lebanon-based group believes Israel planning further cross-border action, but not all-out war.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Iran’s fingerprints are everywhere

“Thursday’s rocket attack was deliberate. Iran may have seized on Allan’s health to time this attack, but it was motivated by other reasons. It wanted to retaliate for the recent killing of a Druze squad that had attempted to establish a terrorist foothold in the Golan Heights and to the repeated airstrikes on Hezbollah-bound shipments of advanced weaponry (widely attributed to Israel); the attack was also designed to bolster the Iranian regime’s aggressive posture in the face of increased criticism at home by those who believe the nuclear agreement was a mistake. Iran may have also tried to deal a blow to Israel’s tourism industry just before the summer’s peak season draws to a close.”

The Iran Nuclear Deal Means War Between Israel and Hezbollah

“The debate over President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal has grown increasingly bitter inside the Beltway. The acrimony is unavoidable, and not just because of the hyper-partisanship that is ripping Washington apart from within. Rather, it’s because the deal is being painted as the only thing standing in the way of war. But this characterization is not only unfair because it is binary and fails to account for creative scenarios. Lost in this debate is whether the deal could itself cause a war.”

After 51 days of hard combat, Hizballah still can’t take Zabadani

“DEBKAfile’s military sources that, although Monday marks Day 51 of the battle for the strategic Syrian town of Zabadani, Hizballah is still frustrated in its bid to drive the rebels out of the small 9 sq. km enclave and take the town that commands the main Damascus-Beirut highway. Even heavy battering by artillery and different kinds of missiles has not broken the rebel forces holding the town, while Hizballah forces continue to take heavy losses – four dead Monday.”


Satan Removal From Heaven

“Q. Will Satan be in Heaven and on earth during the tribulation?

A. If by tribulation you’re referring to the entire 7 years of Daniel’s 70th Week, then Satan will have access to both heaven and earth for the first half.

But at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, which is the last half of Daniel’s 70th Week, Satan and the angels who rebelled with him will be expelled from heaven for good and will be confined to earth (Rev. 12:7-10).”

Millennial Reign Of Christ

“Q. Will there be an opportunity for people to repent during the millennial reign of Christ? Will there also be birth and death among both believers and unbelievers alike?

A. I presume you’re referring to people who will dwell on Earth during the Millennium. The Millennium will begin with only believers who have survived the Great Tribulation and are born again. Since they will still be natural humans they will have children who as they mature will need to decide whether or not to accept the Lord’s death as payment for their sins.

As it is with all natural humans some will accept the Lord and others won’t. Even so, both groups will have children. By the end of the Millennium there will be so many unbelievers that when Satan is released he will be able to recruit a large army from all over the world to mount a final attack against the Lord and His people. But fire will come down from heaven and destroy them all (Rev. 20: 7-10).”

Do Any Prophecies Have To Be Fulfilled Before The Rapture?

“Q. I have now been an ardent follower of Gracethrufaith for 4 years, and I cannot recall having seen a question similar to this one; are there any prophecies yet to be fulfilled prior to the Rapture?

A. There are some prophecies that could be fulfilled before the rapture, such as Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17, but in my opinion there are none that have to be fulfilled first. I believe the rapture could happen any day now.”


Israeli Air Force equips F-16I jets with advanced small diameter bombs

“The Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) 107 Squadron has equipped its F-16I Sufa fighter jets with advanced small diameter bombs (SDB), achieving the capability a decade after the arrival of the jet.”

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