Articles of the Day 10/30/15: Consumed By Worldly Things

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria
Precarious position of Damascus
Temple Mount tensions
Palestinian terror across JerusalemPalestinian attacks continue as they appear to be targeting Israeli women. ⇑⇑⇑⇑
US retreat from Middle EastUS air sorties diminishing in Iraq and Syria.
Pope Francis active in politics
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north
Northern border tensionIsraelis scramble jets to track balloon. 
Southern border tension
One world government advancement

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

The Hidden Hand behind the Palestinian Terror Wave

“By unleashing Palestinian terror Abbas hopes to bring about greater international intervention in the conflict, and, thereby, to give greater heft to UN General Assembly Resolution 67/19 of December 4, 2012,2 which recognizes “Palestine” as a nonmember observer state of the UN within the borders of June 4, 1967, including east Jerusalem. Thus the Palestinian terror is meant to leverage international pressure on Israel to withdraw from the West Bank without negotiations or conditions. The Palestinian struggle against Israel will then continue from the new borders under improved circumstances.”

IDF imposes new restrictions on West Bank Palestinians as attacks persist

Israeli women injured by Palestinian stone-throwing

“A series of terror attacks took place. A young pregnant woman was injured by stones thrown at her vehicle in Hebron. A 60-year-old woman was injured from glass fragments while traveling with an 8-month-old baby on Route 431.”

2 Israeli women hurt in separate stone-throwing attacks

Rocks thrown at light rail in Shuafat

Two injured in Jerusalem stabbing attack

Attacker tries to stab Israeli soldier during riot near Beit El settlement

Israeli Border Guardsman stabbed in the head

Beit Hagai mother of eight slashed by terrorist near Gush Etzion junction

A brave Palestinian warrior……targeting a mom.

IDF prepares new war on terror in Judea

“After Gush Etzion stabbing IDF and regional leaders hold situation appraisal, decide on new measures to fight terror ‘more significantly.'”

Belz hassidim: Visit the Temple Mount and you’re out

“Family of Rabbi Elboim targeted in protests over ascent to Mount, is given an ultimatum to desist or be kicked out.”

The Muslims win! Jews are not allowed to pray in Israeli land. Was it worth the blood?

Watch: Waqf bans ‘Religious Christians’ from Temple Mount

“Danish pro-Israel activist ‘Jerusalem Jane’ records being kicked off Mount by Waqf guard who ‘waited two months’ to harass her.”

If Jews are not allowed on a Jewish holy site, why a would a Christian be allowed there?

Kerry: Palestinian Leaders Must Stop Incitement

About as close as your going to come in this Administration, here is what he said:

“And it is absolutely vital for Israel to take steps that empower Palestinian leaders to improve economic opportunities and the quality of life for their people on a day-to-day basis. And it is equally important – equally important – for Palestinian leaders to cease the incitement of violence and to offer something more than rhetoric; instead, propose solutions that will contribute in a real way to the improvement of life, to the reduction of violence, and to the safety and security of Israel’s – of Israelis.”

Extremists no longer welcome

“The Arab world’s silence during this recent wave of terrorism, led mostly by knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers, is deafening, and it represents a certain lack of support for the Palestinians.”

Wishful thinking, but lack of condemnation equals quite approval.

Abu Mazen seeks UN force to protect Palestinians

“In a speech to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday, Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) called for the formation of a special body to protect Palestinians, alleging Israel is engaging in “extrajudicial killings.” He claimed that if the situation deteriorates it would “kill the last shred of hope for the two-state-solution-based peace.”

What would a UN force do? Accompany Palestinians while they attack Jews?

Temple Denial

“Today, Temple Denial has become an integrated part of Palestinian mythology, affirmed by politicians, clerics and scholars. Together with the equally absurd claim that Jesus was a Palestinian, an attempt is being made to erase the Jewish presence from the history of the land.”

Israeli jets scrambled after helium balloon spotted in Golan Heights

“Ground forces, planes dispatched as ‘suspicious object’ observed crossing from Syria into Israeli air space.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

US denies slowing anti-ISIS campaign

“US-led coalition strikes against Islamic State in Syria have dwindled from 359 in July to a measly 92 this month.”

Despite all the talk of ‘direct action’ and ‘raids’ actions speak the truth.

Iran’s elite Rev Guards units routed by ISIS in the Al Safira pre-battle for Aleppo

“The battle for Al-Safira, 20 km. south of Aleppo – and the key to its capture – will go down in Iran’s Revolutionary history as the most humiliating defeat its elite forces have sustained in all its 36 years. This week, Iran sent into battle outside its borders 2,000 of its best-trained, loyal and well-equipped combat troops, detached from six elite Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) units.The battle at Al-Safira, fought with Russian air cover alongside Hizballah and Syrian army forces, was supposed to be the turning point in the Syrian civil war. Its objective was to break through Islamic State and Nusra Front defense lines around Al-Safira, and knock over the positions the Islamists had erected for blocking the roads from Aleppo and central Syria to Damascus, among them Route 5, the main highway. After that, they planned to advance on Aleppo. Their offensive had the opposite result.”

Israel hosts its largest-ever international air force exercise

“Israeli, American, Greek, and Polish air personnel square off against a fictional enemy state in two-week drill.”


Watchdog says new UNHRC members are human rights abusers

“UN Watch blasts addition of UAE, Burundi, Togo and others to council; Israeli envoy: Venezuela membership ‘absurd’”

Pope says denying Israel’s right to exist is anti-Semitism

“At 50th anniversary of landmark document that transformed Catholic-Jewish relations, Francis urges interfaith cooperation to promote peace.”

These are nice words of course, but he was speaking to Jews not Arabs. It would mean more if he said these words to Arabs. Typical for a politician or false prophet. 

Why the Pope is wrong about climate

“A close look at Francis’s major encyclical finds some awfully strange views, even for people who care about the environment.”

I thought it would be fun to do a quick word search in the Pope’s latest encyclical found here:

judgement-2 (never used as God’s judgement)
climate change-15

What you might expect from a man consumed by worldly things not Godly things.

New Planned Parenthood video: Doctor wants intact fetal heads for brain harvesting

“A new Planned Parenthood video, the 11th in a series of secretly-taped interviews, shows a Texas doctor wishing to conduct an abortion that produces intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.

“I haven’t been able to do that yet,” said the doctor, Amna Dermish of Planned Parenthood Austin. “This will give me something to strive for.”

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