Articles of the Day 11/4/15: Lord Help Our Unbelief

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria
Precarious position of DamascusIs Assad getting the upper hand near Damascus?
Temple Mount tensions
Palestinian terror across JerusalemPalestinian attacks continue.  ⇑⇑⇑⇑
US retreat from Middle EastUS admits ‘carrier gap’ in the Middle East.
Pope Francis active in politics
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north
Northern border tension
Southern border tension
One world government advancement

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Abbas says all of Israel is “occupation”

“Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas disclosed his opinion about Israel, speaking last week to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Abbas made it clear that he rejects Israel’s right to exist in any borders as he denounced what he called the Israeli “occupation” of “67 years” – that is, since Israel’s creation in 1948. The PA routinely teaches its children that it sees all of Israel as an “occupation” that will end some day, as Palestinian Media Watch has shown. It is rare that Abbas himself says this in an international forum. Abbas said: “How long will this protracted Israeli occupation of our land last?” – implying that he sees all of Israel as “an occupation” that rightfully should not “last.””

This is the real source of the conflict. The Palestinians want it all. All the land that is Israel. That means Israel has no right to exist and the Jewish people are to be exterminated. This is why incitement is so rampant in in Palestinian culture. They want to destroy the Jews and steal their land so, in their mind, it is ok to dehumanize the Jews. When this happens it makes it easier to kill them and take their possessions without any guilt. The Holy Spirit is screamingly loudly at the Palestinians to stop but they drown out the voice with hate. That is why their culture is so filled with hate.  It has nothing to do with what the Israelis have done. It is the Palestinians burying their guilt.

‘He threw me on the floor, I couldn’t breathe’

Stabbing attacks return to central Israel

“Three wounded, including 80-year-old, by knife attack in Rishon LeZion; 71-year-old stabbed in Netanya.”

Palestinians have expanded their target list from women to the elderly. Other then children, these are about as soft a target as you can go. Of course, babies have already been targeted and attacked by ‘brave’ Palestinian warriors. When will the world condemn this hate and hold the Palestinians accountable for their actions?

In Gaza: Knife-wielding mannequins – and a shop called ‘Hitler’

“Viral picture illustrates absurd levels to which incitement to violence has permeated Palestinian culture.”

God will judge the world for not only allowing but encouraging this behavior.  Look at Europe now with the flood of refugees. A remedial judgement is taking place.

Israel set to free Palestinian hunger striker

“Prison service says Islamic Jihad member Mohammed Allaan to be released Wednesday afternoon.”

This sends a terrible message to future terrorists. Get out of jail card. What is wrong with the Israeli government? This will only encourage terror.

Security forces arrest 16 Palestinians overnight

“Security forces arrested 16 Palestinians overnight, seven of them for terrorist activates.”

Human Rights groups no need to worry they will be released as soon as the hunger strikes begin.

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Damascus Situation:

Map from @PetoLucem

damacus situation 11-4-15

In Ghouta at least, Assad seems to be getting the upper hand.

For the first time ever, Egypt votes for Israel at the UN

IAF planes refueled Jordanian warplanes in aerial exercise, US says

“US military sources said Tuesday that Israeli Air Force planes refueled Jordanian fighters above the Atlantic Ocean during a US military exercise in July. The sources added that other Arab countries took part in the “Red Flag” exercise as well, but did not identify them.”

Israel currently enjoys decent relations with the governments of Jordan and Egypt (despite the political rhetoric). This would seem to put the nearness of Psalm 83 in doubt but Israel does not enjoy the good relations with the populations of both countries. The government in each country has a tenuous hold on power at best. I believe the hostility referenced in Psalm 83 comes from various terrorist groups and populations in each country not necessarily the governments or armed forces of the host country.

US delivers four more F-16 Fighting Falcons to Egyptian Air Force

“The Egyptian Air Force has received four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets form the US, further enhancing the country’s warfare capabilities.”

Analysis: Erdogan victory could mean more Turkey-Israel crises

“Former Pentagon official says to expect a new flare-up, and soon.”

Israel-Turkey are on a collision course.

Egypt’s Sissi calls for NATO help in Libya ‘vacuum’

“Leader warns that extremists may prosper in North African neighbor if steps not taken to stabilize country.”

What a mess Obama and EU created in Libya.

Another senior Iranian officer killed in Syria

“Iran’s state-run news agency reported on Wednesday that an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Colonel Mostafa Ezzatollah Soleimani, was killed in the area of the Syrian city of Aleppo while serving as an advisor for Syria’s army. He was the fourth senior Iranian officer killed in Syria during the month of October, and according to official Iranian sources, his death raised the number of the IRGC’s casualties in Syria to 20 during the last 21 days of the month. The number of wounded among Iran’s army is estimated to be much higher than reported.”

And these are just the ones the public knows about. Iran heavily involved in Syria no turning back.

Bible Prophecy

The Jewish Temples: Analyzing Cornuke’s Claim (part1)

The Jewish Temples: A Revisionist Proposal (part2)

“I have been receiving a lot of inquiries recently concerning a book written by Robert Cornuke that is simply titled, Temple.1 The sub-title is, “Amazing New Discoveries That Change Everything About The Location Of Solomon’s Temple,” which reads like a Madison Avenue advertising slogan.

The thesis of this book is startling. It asserts that the Jewish Temples (Solomon’s and Herod’s) were located south of the Temple Mount in the ancient City of David and that the entire Temple Mount was the Antonia Fortress where Roman troops were garrisoned.”

Didn’t Paul Expect To Be Gone?

“Q. Somebody asked me a question and I didn’t know what to answer, I hope you can help me out. We were talking about 1 Thessalonians 5. In verse 6, referring to the 2nd. Coming, Paul includes himself in the verse like he is going to be waiting for the Lord also. But doesn’t he suppose that he and the church will be in the presence of God by then? I get the impression that Paul or any other writer in the Bible talk as if they will be on earth at the second coming.

A. Paul’s use of the phrase “Day of the Lord” in 1 Thes. 5:2 refers to the Great Tribulation, not to the 2nd Coming. Verse 3 helps make that clear when he says the world will be caught by surprise and won’t escape the judgment. All this is in the 3rd person.

Then in verse 4 he switched to the 2nd person to differentiate the Church from the world, saying we shouldn’t be surprised to see this coming because we should be awake and alert, as if watching for signs of it. And in verses 9-11 he confirmed that we’re not appointed to suffer wrath because the Lord died for us, and we should encourage one another.

This is consistent with his earlier promises in the letter that Jesus will rescue us out of the time and place of the coming wrath (1 Thes. 1:10), his prayer that we’ll be in the presence of God when the Lord returns to Earth at the 2nd Coming (1 Thes. 3:13) and that the Lord will catch us up to be with Him (1 Thes. 4:16-17).”

The NOW Prophecies: Where are we on God’s Timeline?

Bill Salus is coming out with a new book. I have not looked into much yet but here is a teaser he provided. I hope it is full of new information and not a repackaged rehash of his old books.


US deploying F-15C Eagle fighters to Turkey

“Sources at the Pentagon said Tuesday that the US is sending 12 F-15C Eagle warplanes, armed exclusively with air-to-air missiles, to Turkey. The sources said the planes will protect US and Turkish warplanes carrying out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, and be based at Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey. DEBKAfile’s military sources: Washington is sending the planes in response to Russia’s deployment of Sukhoi Su-30s fighters to Syria. None of the main combatants in the Syrian civil war, including the Syrian air force and ISIS, have such fighters, meaning that the F-15C Eagles will be used against the Russian fighters if they interfere with the US and Turkish bombing missions in Syria.”

Israel requests extra squadron of F-15s

“While details of the F-15 request have not been released, the sources say that it involves the latest Silent Eagle-standard aircraft, which would also be equipped with Israeli-developed systems. Enhancements introduced with the advanced strike asset include the ability to carry an increased number of air-launched weapons and the addition of conformal fuel tanks for extended-range performance.”

Navy anticipates more carrier gaps in Middle East and Asia Pacific

“There will be more periods next year where the U.S. will not have an aircraft carrier in the Middle East and East Asia regions, a top Navy official said during a congressional hearing on Tuesday.”

US enemies are well aware of this fact and will take full advantage.

UN’s “International Tribunal for Climate Justice” becomes “judicial”

“The UN’s prior language tried to sell the tribunal by qualifying it as “non-judicial.” The latest draft removes the qualifier and concedes the obvious. This is a climate court modeled after the UN International Court of Justice at the Hague.”

Traditional Islam: the cause for terror in Israel and worldwide

“Interview: Islamic history expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera connects the current terror wave, ISIS as issues of religion – not politics.”

People choose to see the terror from a political angle because if they considered the religious angle they would be forced to consider their own religious or non-religious beliefs. Perhaps that is the reason why all this is happening. To force us to confront our own unbelief in God.  The Lord lives…. perhaps it is time to open the door and invite him in.

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