Articles of the Day 12/9/15: Argument Settled, Jesus Won

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria– Russia launches cruise missiles attacks from a sub.
Precarious position of Damascus– 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem– Palestinian attacks continue. 
US retreat from Middle East– 
Pope Francis active in politics–
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north– Iran joins air war in Syria, sends warplanes to Syria.
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension– 
One world government advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Elderly couple shot in terrorist drive by

Israeli critically wounded in Hebron stabbing attack

2 Israelis injured in Hebron stabbing; assailant killed

20 bullets fired at point-blank range – and I emerged unscathed

“Rabbi of Migron, Rabbi Itai Halevy, found himself under a hail of bullets from two terrorists, yet incredibly escaped harm.”

Indeed. A miracle from God.

Hevron stabbing victim’s wife appeals for prayers

“Man stabbed by Arab terrorist outside Cave of Machpelah still in life-threatening danger, wife asks to pray lighting Hanukkah candles.”

IDF uses power of persuasion to dissuade next lone attacker

“Ron Ben-Yishai accompanies the IDF’s Etzion Brigade commander on a visit to Beit Ummar near Hebron, during which persuasion is used on a Palestinian family to prevent youth from deciding to attack.”

Difficult to counter all the incitement by the PA. This is a soft power approach. Would a genocidal army do this? Unfortunately most Palestinian families encourage attacks instead of discouraging them.

A portrait of the terrorist as a young man, or woman

“Berko says the attackers are committing these acts for the sake of “glory,” both on social media and in Palestinian society, and like all teenagers, they compete over who can be the biggest hero. The terrorists do not think death is the end, but fully believe they will enter paradise, “where they will meet 72 virgins, drink until they’re intoxicated and have lots of sex.”

Islamic culture is the major contributor to violence and the biggest obstacle to peace not Israel. Israel is simply the victim.

Why Jenin is staying out of current wave of terrorism

“Jenin, once the home of suicide bombers, is now the quietest city in the West Bank. After 4 attempted attacks at the Jalamah checkpoint, the residents realized their economic prosperity could stop, and rushed to restore calm; ‘an attack at the checkpoint is an attack against us,’ says local businessman.”

Jenin is a good example of what can happen when Palestinians reject violence instead of rejecting peace. Even the Palestinians know they are the aggressor in this conflict. Once the Palestinians reject violence there can can peace. Turning to Jesus Christ can help them reject violence. A great man once said, “those who lose the argument turn to violence”. That is why Islam turns to violence because they have lost the argument. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light. The argument has been settled.

Swedish PM: Stabbing attacks in Israel not terrorism

“As ties with Stockholm crumble, Stefan Lofven claims knifings do not meet international standard for terror, later tries to clarify statement.”

The mindset of antisemitism is a terrible thing. The Swedish PM unfortunately reflects the world view.  Explains whey there has been little if any world wide condemnation of the attacks by Palestinians.

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Israel sits tight as Iranian jets join aerial campaign in Syria alongside Russia

“Israel would “not have to respond so long as the Iranian jets don’t interfere with us. We are free to dislike it, but if they don’t interfere with us, they can bomb their targets. It doesn’t require a change of course on our part,” he said. He also said that the Israel would shoot down the Iranian jets if they threatened Israel.”

Israel will monitoring this deployment very closely. Iranian jets are now withing minutes from Israeli air space and I cannot imagine they wouldn’t respond if Israel strikes another Hezbollah weapons shipment.   There are now so many nations with air assets in Syria it has become almost impossible for something major not to happen. I am shocked Russia would permit this.

Turkey won’t pull back troops deployed to Mosul: official

“Turkey will not withdraw troops it has deployed near an area controlled by the Islamic State group, a senior Turkish official said, after Iraq ordered the immediate withdrawal of its latest contingent.”

Russia Launches Cruise Missiles From Submarine On Syria

“Yesterday (Tuesday), Russia launched a barrage of new air and missile strikes against ground targets in Syria. While this has been going on since September 30th, the start of Russia’s campaign in Syria, this is the first time a Russian Navy submarine took part in the strikes. The Kalibr cruise missiles launched by the Rostov-on-Don submarine successfully hit the designated targets in Raqqa, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin. The submarine was in a submerged position during the launch, he added.”

This has to make Israel feel nervous. Perhaps that is the point.

The ISIS Trail of Death

“Here is the chronology and body count of the attacks, with U.S. intelligence analysis of who was behind each:

—Oct. 10: The bombing of peace demonstrations outside the main train station in Ankara, Turkey left 102 dead. Directed by ISIS.

—Oct. 31: The bombing of a Metrojet plane bound for Russia over Egypt killed 224 passengers and crew. An “announcement” attack by the ISIS in the Sinai peninsula.

—Nov. 10: Two suicide bombers detonating themselves in a marketplace in southern Beirut, Lebanon, killing 43 people. Directed by ISIS.

—Nov. 13: Attacks on multiple sites in Paris, including the Bataclan theater, left 130 dead — excluding attackers. Directed by ISIS.

—Nov. 24: The bombing of a bus carrying members of the presidential guard in the Tunisian capital city of Tunis left at least 12 dead. An “announcement” attack by the ISIS affiliate in Tunisia.

—Dec. 2: The assault on a San Bernardino, California, office holiday party killed 14 people. Allegedly inspired by ISIS, but the extent of any contact between the shooters and ISIS or sympathizers is unknown.”

Whether directed or inspired ISIS is an Islamic army with Islamic followers who resort to violence to enact the change they want.


Bible Prophecy



Top 15 Implantable Wearables That Will Change Our Lives

“Till now, tattoos have been used as a form of art, and also a way for people to express their thoughts and feelings. However, the next generation tattoos will not only be amazing visually but will also have the extra features of performing helpful tasks like entering smartphone codes or even unlocking your vehicle with a simple swipe. Researchers at Illinois University have designed a clever implantable skin mesh made with computer fibres that is much thinner than regular human hair, which is used to monitor the inner workings of your body from the surface. Besides that, researchers in Texas have created microscopic particles that are implanted just under the skin, similar to tattoo ink, which can track major body processes.”


Massive Worldwide Support for Sharia Law Among Global Muslim Community

“Everywhere we look around the globe, there are substantial—and generally dominant—percentages of Muslims who favor making Sharia the official law in their country.”

Interesting, where is this moderate Muslim majority western politicians keep assuring us is out there?

Sen. Cruz: Kerry Was ‘Wildly, Extraordinarily, Entirely Wrong’ About Global Warming

“Here are the inconvenient facts about the polar ice caps. The Arctic is not ice free. This year’s minimum sea ice extent was well above the record low observed in 2011,” Cruz said.”

“In the Antarctic, a recent study from the journal Glaciology indicates that the ice is not only not decreasing, but is in fact increasing in mass, directly contrary to what the global warming alarmists had told us would be happening.”

“According to the satellite data, there has been no significant global warming for the past 18 years,” Cruz continued.”Those are the data. The global warming alarmists don’t like these data. They are inconvenient to their narrative. But facts and evidence matters.”

Indeed, ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ what ever they want to call it is a lie.

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