Articles of the Day 12/11/15: Pope Claims Christ Not Needed For Jews

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria–
Precarious position of Damascus– 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem– Palestinian attacks continue. 
US retreat from Middle East– US offers up attack helicopters in Iraq.
Pope Francis active in politics– Pope claims Jews don’t need to be saved by Jesus Christ. Wow!! ⇑⇑
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north–
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension– 
One world government advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Watch: Car ramming terrorist arrested

Shooting attack thwarted in northern Samaria; no injuries

Palestinian opens fires at Jalamah checkpoint; none hurt

IDF soldier and Israeli civilian wounded in stabbing attack in Hebron area

Husband and wife injured in Samaria drive-by terror shooting

Six-month-old baby girl lightly hurt from stone-throwing near Beitar Illit

Expelled Shalit deal prisoners forming independent militant cells in West Bank

“Freed Hamas prisoners expelled to Gaza, Turkey and Qatar feel the organization’s leadership in the territories is not doing enough on civic level and take to organizing their own protests and clashes.”

Freeing the prisoners was a monumental mistake.  Yet Israel continues to do it.

Palestinians’ Biggest Tragedy: Failed Leadership

“Instead of trying to solve the Gaza crisis, Abbas is too busy waging a diplomatic war against Israel. He wants to file “war crimes” charges against Israel with the International Criminal Court — ignoring the fact that he and Hamas are responsible for the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza.”

Arrow-3 Completes Successful Trial

“A successful trial of the Arrow-3 anti-missiles missile was completed yesterday morning.

Arrow-3 is designed to intercept ballistic missiles from outside the atmosphere. The experiment was conducted in a field at the center of the country, led by Israeli Aerospace Industry (IAI) and was participated by the Israeli Air Force.

After launching the target from an Air Force aircraft, the Arrow system radar detected it, transferred its data to base, which analyzed it and devised a full interception scheme. With the completion for the scheme, an Arrow-3 interceptor was launched towards the target.

The Arrow-3 interceptor has gone through all flight phases according to plan and has destroyed the target. The interception itself took place in space.”

Huckabee ‘ashamed’ of US response to Protective Edge

“I’m ashamed of what they did – they tried to say, and I remember John Kerry and President Obama said, both sides need to calm down,” Huckabee recalled. “I thought, wait a minute, I’m walking down the street, someone mugs me. I’m not supposed to calm down.”

“The mugger is the criminal, I’m the victim. I have a right to defend myself. Please don’t tell me I somehow invited the attack.”

I wish all Western politicians understood the hypocrisy they have when it comes to Israel. Huckabee gets it. But would he still believe it if elected? 

Priest to EU: You Boycott Israel as Christian Blood Spills

“In his speech, Father Naddaf said that the decision to exclusively mark Israeli products in Europe is racist and anti-Semitic, whether this is being done openly or quietly on the side. “This is anti-Semitism at it’s worse,” Naddaf exclaimed, noting that singling out products made in Israel will hurt all the citizens of Israel, Arab and Jew alike. But most of all it will damage the Palestinians, as tens of thousands of Palestinian families earn their living from the very factories being boycotted by the Europeans.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Islamic State oil trade ‘worth more than $500m’

“Its “primary customer” has been the government of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, despite its ongoing battle to overthrow the regime, Adam Szubin told the BBC.”

If this is true then it is a good argument (among many) to remove Assad from power.

U.S. Is Willing to Use Attack Helicopters to Help Fight ISIS

“WASHINGTON — The United States is prepared to deploy attack helicopters and additional advisers to help Iraqi forces in their long-running battle to retake the city of Ramadi from the Islamic State, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said Wednesday.”

Why ISIS Isn’t Going Anywhere

“For one thing, ISIS is still hugely successful as a regional guerrilla insurgency, much less a global terrorist organization. It occupies an expanse of about 1,000 miles of territory, which it describes as larger than Great Britain, eight times the size of Belgium and 30 times the size of Qatar. It currently holds three provincial capitals in the Middle East, whereas at the start of Operation Inherent Resolve it held two. And though it has lost territory in Syria and Iraq in the last year, it is still very much entrenched all along the strategic Euphrates River Valley. It’s incredibly rich, and makes the bulk of its money not through oil sales or artifact smuggling (although it makes plenty of money that way, too) but primarily through its petty-bureaucratic system of fines and levies, which it imposes on those it “governs.””

Long article, good read though.

Putin orders threats to Russian forces in Syria to be “immediately destroyed”

“In a Russian TV address Friday, President Vladimir Putin said that he had ordered “extremely tough action against any threat to Russian forces in Syria. Such targets,” he said, “must be immediately destroyed.” Western military sources took this to be a reference to Turkey and a further escalation in the tension between Moscow and Ankara. Putin also disclosed that the Russian army now supports the Free Syrian Army, without going into details. Until now, the United States has backed the FSA with arms and training in Jordan.”

This is where DEBKA ticks me off. No where is it confirmed that Russia now supports the FSA, not at all. Debka likes to mix facts with fantasy sometimes.

Putin hails importance of cooperation with Israeli air force HQ

“President Vladimir Putin underscored the importance of the cooperation Moscow had developed “with all states who have a real interest in destroying the terrorists.” In a television statement broadcast Friday,he cited in particular the “contacts to ensure flight safety with the Israeli air force HQ and the US-led coalition forces.” DEBKAfile: Tuesday, Russian forces gave Israel and the US advance warning before shooting cruise missiles from a submarine in the eastern Mediterranean at the Islamic State’s main Syrian center at Raqqa.”

Unlike most Western nations, Israel is at least trying to cooperate with Russia and they have been able to continue strikes in Syria without hindrance.

Putin bogging down in Syria

“Russia’s intervention has failed to gain much on the battlefield, raising hopes that diplomacy will make more progress.”

I disagree. Russia’s main goal is to preserve the Assad regime. That has been accomplished so far. Expanding territory was not a main goal by Russia. I think they expected to do better though.

Bible Prophecy

More On Our Heavenly Mansions

“Q. If we don’t have marriage in heaven …. And we all have mansion/rooms in heaven, what is the point of living alone? It would seem kind of lonely being alone in your own place, although that emotion wouldn’t exist.

A. Let’s clear up a couple of misconceptions you have picked up. First, do you think God would go to all the trouble He’s gone to so you can have a place in His kingdom just to make you feel sad in some lonely mansion? Paul said the life He’s prepared for you will exceed your current ability to imagine it (1 Cor. 2: 9). In ages yet to come it will stand as His demonstration of the incomparable riches of His grace, expressed in His kindness to you in Christ Jesus (Ephes. 2:6-7). Think of the very best thing you can imagine God doing for you, and then realize you’re not even close.

We make a big mistake when we think of our next life as just a different version of this one. We think if we don’t have all the things we have here we couldn’t possibly be happy there. I believe the reality is that if He told us exactly what He has in store for us, we wouldn’t be able to stand the life we have now. And yet, because we don’t know, we wonder if it will be as good as this one. Believe me when I tell you it will be so much better, it will be like walking out of the blackest night into the bright light of the best day ever.”

COMMENTARY: Is Jesus the Thief in the Night?

“As for Yeshua coming suddenly upon us as a thief at night, that is the last thing a believer would want to experience. Paul’s warning couldn’t be clearer: “For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night… but you brethren, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you like a thief…so then, LET US NOT SLEEP AS THE OTHERS DO, but let us be alert and sober” (1Thess. 5:2-4,6).”

The author of this article seems to think the Rapture teaching is a relatively new thing from John Nelson Darby’s time. He also objects to the different roles of Christians and non-believing Jews. I have many problems with this article. 

“Darby was right that the Lord will come for his own before he returns to visit fiery judgment upon the nations and sets up his kingdom. But this salvation will not beam us up to Heaven. Nor will it be for carnal Christians. Nor will it be in secret. It will be for those who are ready, and will take place in front of the whole world as a witness to the truth about Yeshua. “The Lord has bared His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, that all the ends of the earth may see the salvation of our God” (Isa. 52:10).”

With respect to the author, there is a rapture teaching from Paul prior to Darby, 1 Thessalonians 15-18:

15 “For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. 18 Therefore comfort one another with these words.”

There are other scripture references but this is the one most often cited. So sorry brother, there will be a ‘beaming’ up to heaven. Why do you not believe?


Vatican: Jews don’t need Christ to be saved

“The report, drawn up by the Church’s “Commission for religious relations with the Jews,” goes further than Benedict however in effectively affirming that Jews can be saved independently of Christ.

“Although Jews cannot believe in Jesus Christ as the universal redeemer, they have a part in salvation, because the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable,” the report concludes, according to a summary released to the media.”

This is contradicts Jesus. He said it pretty clearly in John 14:6:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

So if Jews, or anyone else, wish to be saved they must believe in Jesus Christ. The Pope, again, is wrong. The reason the Vatican is stating this is to push the whole ‘interfaith’ idea. It is wrong and has no basis in scripture. Perhaps someone should give the Pope a bible. The Vatican is basically saying Jesus is not necessary. This is a false teaching. When you think about it, what the Vatican is pushing is exactly what Satan would want people to think. Next the Vatican will say Muslims don’t need to be saved by Jesus Christ, then Hindus, then Atheists, then everyone else in the world. You see where this is going?

Why Trump’s Winning: 9 Facts About Islam The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

“Here are nine inconvenient facts about Islam Democrats and the DC Media don’t want you to know:

1. Americans Muslims are 5,000 Percent More Likely to Commit a Terror Attack
2. ISIS Is Already Everywhere In the United States
3. 51% of American Muslims Back Some Form of Sharia
4. A Quarter of American Muslims Are Comfortable With Violence
5. Disturbing Percentages of the World’s Muslims Support ISIS
6. Disturbing Percentages of the World’s Muslims Support Suicide Bombings
7. Only 81% of American Muslims Agree That Violence Against Civilians Is Never Justified
8. Disturbing Percentages of the World’s Muslims Back Sharia Law
9. America Admits Thousand of Immigrants From Countries Where Muslim Favor Sharia”

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