Articles of the Day 12/18/15: Rise Above Fear

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria–
Precarious position of Damascus– 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem– Palestinian attacks continue. 
US retreat from Middle East– US removes warplanes from Turkey but adds carrier to Persian Gulf. 
Pope Francis active in politics–
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north–
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension–
One world government advancement– 


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

West Bank stabbing attempt thwarted by soldiers — IDF

Kerry: I Don’t Know the Endgame for Israel — But Neither Do the Israelis

“Expressing renewed exasperation over the United States’ inability to forge a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, Secretary of State John Kerry says he has no idea how the more than 60-year-old conflict will come to an end. But what’s potentially worse, he says, is that the Israelis don’t know either, even though they have the most incentive to find a solution.”

Perhaps Mr. Kerry should pick up a Bible. The Bible has much to say about Israel in the end times. Once again, Kerry seems to be blaming Israel for the lack of peace. The facts are, the Palestinians continuously reject peace, they reject any existence of a Jewish state, and they incite their people to kill Jews. Israel, on the other hand, has made several offers of peace, has included Palestinians in government, relinquished land that is rightfully theirs, provides food, water, electricity to a people bent on hate and murder. I’m sorry who is the big obstacle to peace again?

Israel seizes 4,000 Palestinian stone-thrower dolls



“Israeli customs officers have seized a consignment of 4,000 dolls dressed as Palestinian stone-throwers, which officials said were intended to incite Palestinian children.”


“Each of the identical stuffed toys wore red, green, black and white scarves, and their heads were covered by keffiyehs inscribed with the words “Jerusalem is ours” and “Jerusalem, here we come”. In the doll’s raised hand was a grey object clearly meant to resemble a stone.”

Kerry might think these are dolls of peace. Arabs are so lost in hate.

The Price of Unjustifiable Murder

“Abbas has now reached the point where his pose as a champion of peace that earned him the praise of President Obama has become such a burden that he can’t manage to keep it up even part of the time. That his latest bout of incitement came only hours after a Palestinian rammed his car into a crowded bus stop, injuring 14 people including a 15-month-old baby, showed that he long ago stopped caring about trying to cultivate the Israeli left or center that would happily accept a two-state solution.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Breakthrough to normal Turkish-Israeli relations

“Landmark understandings reached in meetings in Switzerland Wednesday between designated Israeli Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen and Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglui have resulted in Israel’s consent to set up a $20m fund for the victims of the Turkish ship boarded by Israeli soldiers three years ago. No more claims against Israel over the episode will be outstanding and the two ambassadors will return to their posts in Tel Aviv and Ankara. This package is subject to signing by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and president Tayyip Erdogan.

Ankara agreed to ban Palestinian Hamas terror master Salah Arouri’s reentry to his base in Istanbul when he tries to return from a visit to Qatar – a goodwill gesture to Israel. The two parties agreed to launch negotiations without delay on the sale of Israeli offshore gas to Turkey. Ankara also offered to start talking about a pipeline to Europe via Turkey from the largest Israeli gas well, Leviathan, when it goes into production.”

A complete about face by Turkey. I don’t think Israel suddenly trusts Turkey, not as long as Erdogan is in power. This kinda blows my theory that these two would be at war in 5 years though. God, through Russia, has thwarted Erdogan.

Islamic State offensive in northern Iraq, although repelled, shows group’s resilience

“At least four coordinated attacks by more than 300 heavily armed militants kicked off the most intense fighting that northern Iraq has seen this year, illustrating the extremist group’s continued potency despite a year-long air campaign by the United States and its allies. It is an indication of the challenges that Iraqi forces and their U.S. backers will face as they seek to reclaim Mosul and other areas under Islamic State control in Iraq and Syria.”

Is it resiliency or a lack of will by the West to really go after ISIS?

More firepower at Russian base as bombers pound Syria

“Moscow in unrelenting mood as planes and defense systems flow to its garrison at Hmeimim.”

Experts say Hamas and ISIS cooperating to fight their new common enemy: Egypt

“Hamas needs the Salafi jihadists to break the Egyptian siege on Gaza; The Salafists need Hamas technical know-how to produce short range rockets and other weapons.”

US reduces its number of warplanes in Turkey

“The US military command in Europe announced Wednesday that 12 warplanes that were deployed to Turkey’s Incirlik airbase a month ago will return to their base in Britain. The decision to withdraw the 12 F-15s was made less than a day after US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited the base. In a response to a question by journalists on the connection between the two events, Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said it was just a coincidence and that “I wouldn’t read anything into us moving these out of there as any sort of less combat capability…to be able to strike in Syria.”

Just the other day Obama said: ISIS strategy ‘moving forward with a great sense of urgency’. The withdraw of US warplanes from theater seems an odd way to go about it. There is clearly no will to fight and win against ISIS by the US. Even after attacks on their own soil.

USS Harry Truman carrier strike group reaches Persian Gulf

“The American aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman and its strike group reached the Persian Gulf on Thursday after crossing the Suez Canal, and thus shifted from the US sixth fleet’s area of operations to that of the fifth fleet, which includes the Indian Ocean. By sailing north, the aircraft carrier will be able to launch cruise missiles at ISIS targets in Iraq and act in concert with France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier that is also anchored in the gulf.”

Putin vows never to reconcile with ‘Islamized’ Turkey

“In angry speech Russian president hints Ankara downed Moscow’s jet in a deal with the US, says Erdogan overseeing a ‘creeping Islamization.'”

The world breaks out the big guns against ISIS

“A rundown of the massive arsenal deployed against ISIS in Syria raises questions whether the weapons effectively match the situation.”

It’s an impressive arsenal. One meant, I think,  to fight in concert with a reliable ground force which is non-existent at the moment.

US evangelical leaders urge Christian acceptance of refugees

“While white evangelicals show greatest opposition to refugee influx, religious leaders warn against succumbing to fear.”

The article attempts to make the refugee crisis a racial issue. It is not. It is one based on fear. Arab countries are taking in virtually no refugees while countries in the West at least debate the matter and will eventually take in some refugees. The fear is justified. Jihadists will attempt to infiltrate  then perform acts of terror and other Muslims will attempt to take over neighborhoods implement Sharia Law which they hope supersedes the laws of the host country.

Despite this danger to the West I still believe  mercy should be shown to these people and we should trust God to protect us from the harm that may come as a result.  As a white evangelical, I agree we need to rise above our fear and be salt and light to the world.

Report: German spies again cooperating with Syrian secret service

“Aim of renewed BND contacts with Damascus is to exchange information about militants, especially those in Islamic State, according to Germany daily.”

Is it me or has the West really softened their stance on Assad? Perhaps they are taking a ISIS first approach since Russia is all in now.

Bible Prophecy

Prophecy Stage Setting Continues

“As we so often say, our reason for presenting current news is to help Christians maintain a biblical worldview and to recognize that the prophetic teaching of the Bible about latter day events is now feasible or possible in our lifetime. In Revelation 13:17, speaking of the Tribulation, John tells us that the Antichrist will control the economics of his kingdom in such a way that “no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Soon this may well be possible.”



More strength for the IDF: Fifth Israeli Dolphin submarine on its way to Israel

“INS Rahav was purchased from Germany for 1.6 billion shekels and is believed to be one of the most advanced combat vehicles in the IDF. INS Rahav is equipped with an advanced and innovated system that allows it to stay under water for a long period of time. It will be operational within a few months.”

Saudi official: Arab culture ‘immersed in hatred’

“We are immersed in this violence, because we are immersed in the hatred of the other, and we believe we are always in the right, and that the falsehood of the other is absolute,” Al-Buleihi began. “This perspective makes us hate whoever does not agree with our thinking and our way of life.”

“We still delude ourselves into believing that we are better than the others, and that therefore, we must not embrace anything from the experience of others,” he continued.

Al-Buleihi rejected the host’s argument that the Arab world “is being oppressed,” noting that they “oppress others.”

When asked whether the Arab world “should be held accountable” for the Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris or the September 11, 2001 attacks, he declared that the Arab world should be held responsible not for the specific attacks, but for the culture behind them.

“We produce this kind of people [who carried out the Paris attacks and 9/11], this kind of hostility,” he stressed. “The people in Paris or in America, for example, are innocent people who have nothing to do with politics.”

Wow! Some vary rare accountability by an Arab statesmen.

Virginia schools shut down over Islam lesson

“Parental outrage over Geography lesson teaching students Muslim creed skyrockets, shuts county schools over security concerns.”

The US is interesting. Christianity is forbidden in US public schools. Islam however, appears to be an exception to the separation of church and state. While the US awaits the next Muslim terror attack they exalt Islam over Christianity in their schools.

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