Articles of the Day 3/30/16: Satan Is Proud of Them

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria– 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem– attacks by Palestinians continue.
US retreat from Middle East- 
Pope Francis active in politics– 
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north– 
Northern border tension– 
Southern border tension– 
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement- 


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Palestinian fabricated ‘Jewish terror attack’, now faces charges

“Arab who claimed ‘settlers’ set fire to his home and attacked his father arrested after investigators reveal he made the entire incident up.”

This is not an isolated incident. Palestinians often make up lies to garner international support like money and arms. These go viral and Palestinians believe them without checking the facts. This along with PA government incitement help feed the hate among the Palestinian people.

‘Judea-Samaria isn’t just part of Israel – it’s the heartland’

“Leading activist fighting European ‘settlement’ labeling slams ‘outrageous’ claim by EU Ambassador that ‘West Bank’ not a part of Israel.”

BDS is the modern form of anti-Semitism

Revealed, how UK aid funds TERRORISTS: After yet more budget cuts, another £12bn of your taxes are being splurged on foreign hand-outs for militants, killers, Palestinian palaces and jobs that don’t exist

“The scandal of how Britain fritters away billions in foreign aid – including paying salaries to convicted terrorists who have murdered hundreds of innocent people – is exposed today by a major MoS investigation.

The shocking revelation that thousands of Palestinian terrorists, including men who have masterminded suicide bombings and murdered children, are given cash handouts from aid money will cause anger and disbelief, particularly in the wake of the Brussels massacres.

Our probe exposed how huge amounts of taxpayers’ cash, that critics say should be spent in Britain, is being ‘squandered’ on wasteful schemes elsewhere by the Department For International Development (DFID) and Foreign Office.”

Western governments funding terror is also antisemitism.

Report: Abiding by Egypt’s demands, Hamas secretly pulls forces out of Sinai

Hamas: Jews execute Palestinians as part of ‘religious rituals’

“Hamas newspaper claims Purim rituals involve murdering Palestinians, complete with rabbinic blessing.”

Ironically, this is exactly what radical Muslims do when they attack. Just before every attack what do Muslims say….”Allahu Akbar” (god is Greater). Behind every Hamas lie is the twisted truth. Satan, the Father of Lies, is very proud of them.

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Is Turkey Planning to Destabilize Lebanon?

“Turkish leadership saw the uprising in Syria and Egypt as an opportunity to change the regimes opposed to Turkey’s policies in the Middle East. Turkey looked at two targets: Egypt and Syria. In both countries, the Islamic opposition was headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, natural allies of the Turkish President Erdogan.

Turkey saw the developments in Syria as an opportunity to intervene and topple the Alawite regime. Turkish military intelligence was instructed to assist rebel factions opposed to the Assad regime almost from the very first days of the civil war in Syria.

Testimony in Turkish courts alleges that rocket parts, ammunition and semi-finished mortar shells taken from Turkish intelligence depots were carried in trucks accompanied by state officials to parts of Syria under hardline Islamist rebel control.

Turkey may have chosen to take advantage of the already boiling situation in Lebanon between Hizbullah and its Sunni opponents and try to provoke a renewed civil war in Lebanon.

Greek authorities intercepted a ship recently, loaded with a Turkish shipment of weapons, supposedly destined to Muslim radicals in the northern part of Lebanon.”

Plausible. Much of the conflict in the Middle Wast today began when Erdogan came to power.

Israeli Air Force: Russian Air Power in Syria Remains Robust

“He changed the shape of the forces, but he didn’t evacuate,” a senior IAF officer said of the Russian president. “He’s brought in different assets and returned things he had less use for. … Now there’s more emphasis on air support by attack helicopters.”

That would explain the suddenness of the announcement. It was not really a withdraw. Pentagon seems to think it was though.

How Russian special forces are shaping the fight in Syria

“Russian special forces are doing a lot of the targeting for Russian airstrikes and a lot of advising for the Syrians,” Kofman said, adding that they provide most of the intelligence on the ground for Russian airpower and help run Syrian operations.”

Syria regime forces advance on IS town near Palmyra: monitor

“Syrian regime forces were locked in fierce clashes with Islamic State group jihadists on Tuesday on the outskirts of a key town near the ancient city of Palmyra, a monitor said. Just two days after seizing Palmyra from IS, pro-government fighters advanced southwest towards the jihadist-held town of Al-Qaryatain.”

Iran: Nothing will stop our missile program

“General declares Islamic Republic will continue developing ballistic missiles, despite UN resolutions and US sanctions.”

ISIS losing important cities in Syria and Iraq

“Despite the fact that the murderous terror organization is threatening Europe with terror attacks, it is being defeated time after time in the battle fields near Israel. After the aerial attacks from the Russian military and the coalition against ISIS, the fall of the city of Palmyra is the peak of the crisis facing the organization, which is struggling to keep its territorial contiguity between Mosul in Iraq and Homs in Syria.”

Fear in Turkey: ISIS terror attacks against Jewish schools and kindergartens

“Security Officials within the country warned that ISIS planned terror attacks at Jewish sites across Istanbul especially in kindergartens, schools, and youth centers. 6 terrorists were arrested.”

Entirely possible. But also possible Turkey is scaring Jews into leaving the country. Either way Turkey is not a safe place for Jews just like just about every other place in the world.

Bible Prophecy

Best summary of the prophetic significance of Israel I have heard in years. Looking forward to part II.


MEMRI: Arab world self-criticism in wake of Brussels attacks

“Arab press begins to self-reproach, following wave of articles blaming the West and Israel.”

You can’t make it up. UN names democratic Israel as world’s top human rights violator

“On the same day, the U.N. Human Rights Council concluded its month-long session in Geneva by condemning Israel five times more than any other of the 192 UN member states.”

“Excuses” for Terrorists

“The facts show is that all these “excuses” for terrorism are incorrect. Israel is not, for instance, carrying out the “war crimes,” “apartheid” or “genocide,” which propagandists have persuaded Europeans that Israel is engaged in. Israel is fighting an enemy that breaks every rule of armed conflict, and Israel responds in a manner so precise and so moral that allied nations are concerned that they will not be able to live up to the Israeli military’s moral standards the next time they go to war.”

Memo to the State Department: Christians were murdered in Lahore. That’s C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N-S

“The Taliban murders Christians on Easter Sunday: This is the essential headline of myriad news reports, at home and abroad. But you’d never know that Christians were in the killers’ bulls-eye from the U.S. State Department’s news release. “The United States condemns in the strongest terms today’s appalling terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan. This cowardly act, which targeted innocent civilians in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, has killed dozens and left scores injured,” says the statement. No mention of the Taliban. No mention of Islamism and it’s brutal aggression. And no mention of Christians.”

Unless the Christians are black Americans killed by a white American the Obama administration rarely acknowledges terror. They really don’t see it as a problem. Most of what they do is for show with no real substance or impact. The US administration simply loves Muslims more then Christians. Why expect more from a Godless president? Unless of course it is white Americans with guns. Then of course that is a high terror threat to the world.

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