Articles of the Day 4/8/16: We Cannot Approve

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria– 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem–
US retreat from Middle East- Secret US missile defense base in Israel? 
Pope Francis active in politics– Pope accepts the sin of homosexuals and he thinks you should too.
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north– Hezbollah missile base in Syria made to attack Israel.
Northern border tension– 
Southern border tension– 
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement-

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Report: Hamas taps over 1,000 terror operatives to dig Gaza tunnels

PA reveals covert talks on full IDF withdrawal

“Senior PA sources say they rejected Israeli proposal to pull out from Ramallah and Jericho, demand a withdrawal from all cities in region.”

PA pushing UN resolution condemning Israeli ‘settlements’

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) is working on passing a draft UN resolution condemning Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria, Haaretz revealed on Thursday.”

NGO Monitor: UN agency regularly manipulates data to make Israel look bad

US denies it’s building secret missile defense base in Israel

“American military acknowledges it has ‘limited infrastructure’ on IDF bases, rejects claims covert camp being constructed.”

Israeli doctors, spies rally to save 5-year-old Syrian girl

“Seriously wounded from continued fighting in her wartorn country, she arrives at an Israeli hospital where doctors discover her cancer.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Report: Hezbollah building ‘permanent’ base, arsenal in Syria

“Hezbollah has begun building additional bases and rocket arsenals in Syria, US intelligence agency Stratfor revealed Wednesday, further entrenching itself in the conflict close to the Syrian town of Qusair.

Hezbollah intends to use the base as an artillery arsenal, Stratfor adds, including “Katyusha rockets, mortars and howitzers,” as well as “60 T-72 main battle tanks.” Four munitions bases are also being built at the compound.

“The base serves Iranian interests in Syria as well; Iranian diplomatic sources confirmed that officials inspect the base on a regular basis, and three types of Iranian missiles – Shabab-1, Shahab-2 and Fateh-110 – are suspected to be housed on the compound. Analysts believe the stockpile is intended to strike Israel.”

Once victory is assured for Assad, Iran and Hezbollah will focus on Israel. They will take time to re-arm, replenish their dead and gain strength for a major attack on Israel.

Saudi king says agreed with Sisi to build Saudi-Egypt bridge

“Saudi King Salman announced Friday an agreement with Egypt to build a bridge over the Red Sea connecting the two countries, on the second day of his visit to Cairo.”

The bridge will facilitate trade yes but more then that this will make moving military equipment and personnel much easier. This bridge is about 5 years too late though. Iran and Saudi Arabia could go to war at any time.

Iran in Syria: flexing more, not less, military muscle

“Just a little over a month ago, Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress that Iran, one of the major backers of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime, was moving its troops out of that country. Unfortunately, it isn’t so.

Instead, Iran is rotating forces in and out of Syria, bolstering pro-Assad militia units and likely beefing up Tehran’s ability to project military force abroad. These developments deserve close scrutiny rather than optimistic misinterpretation if we hope to keep a very bad situation in the Middle East from getting worse.”

Yep, Russia is doing the same thing. Unbelievable the Pentagon and the White House do not see this. When the Syrian civil war is over Russia and Iran will be on the doorstep of Israel.


Is Jesus a Socialist?

“When the question is posed: “Is Jesus a socialist?” the clear answer is “of course not!” The claim that Jesus was a socialist was recently posed by Gregory Paul in The Washington Post who tries to argue for a biblically mandated socialism from the early chapters of Acts. [1] Paul’s claims are nothing new and have likely arisen out of the overall debate our nation is involved in concerning socialism vs. free markets. President Obama and his crowd want socialism, while the rest of the nation wants to move away from government control of the economy.”

Pope Francis calls to accept gays

“In a major shift of Catholic tenets of faith, pope releases paper instructing Catholics on how to live, tells them to accept homosexuals.”

In a carefully worded document, the Pope appears to be condoning sin. We can accept homosexuals as children of God. They are no worse sinners then the rest of us, however, the Pope seems to want Catholics to accept their sin also. This, a true Christian cannot do. We cannot approve or participate in any way in their sin, in fact, we are to point that their sin is wrong  and what the Bible says about it. That is all we can do. The Bible is pretty clear it is a sin.

More top Christians: U.S. may vanish like Babylon

“America has been weighed on the scales and found wanting. And the days of the Republic may be at an end.

This from Franklin Graham, who has a biblical warning for the United States, that Americans could share the fate of the Babylonian empire.

In a recent post on his Facebook page, the son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham told the story of how the Babylonian king Belshazzar was shown the writing on the wall from God’s hand, telling him his reign was over because he did not honor God.

Graham concluded:

“What’s the writing on the wall for America? As a nation we are found lacking because of sin and disobedience to God’s Holy Word. We have not honored Him. If we don’t turn back to God, I fear that our end will be near.”

Christian leaders and writers were quick to agree with Graham’s warning.”

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