Articles of the Day 5/11/16: Fight Them By Knowing The Bible

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria– 
Temple Mount tensions– 
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem–  Palestinian attacks continue.
US retreat from Middle East- 
Pope Francis active in politics– 
Hezbollah\Iran military buildup in north– Reports of another weapons convoy attacked by Israel. 
Northern border tension– Assad states Syria will take Golan Heights by military force. 
Southern border tension– 
One world government advancement– 
One world religion advancement-


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Hezbollah weapons patrol attacked

Report: Israeli airstrike hits Hezbollah arms convoy in Lebanon

“Unconfirmed reports say Israeli jets hit a convoy belonging to Shia terrorist group in along the Syrian-Lebanese border.”

IDF officer seriously hurt by bombs at West Bank checkpoint

“Nine pipe bombs were apparently planted along road outside Palestinian village of Hizme; four exploded as troops neared.”

Elderly terror victims: Arabs refused to help us as we bled

“86-year-old relives horror on Jerusalem promenade, when terrorists pounced on her friends, and Arab workers refused to help.”

The brave warriors (terrorists) of Palestine ‘heroically’ attack…..elderly people.

Hamas still tunneling, Israel charges, despite IDF detection efforts

Teenage Hamas terrorist stated: This is the route of the tunnels

“A Palestinian teenage terrorist who infiltrated Israel and was arrested last month told Shin Bet investigators about the modus operando for tunnel diggers and stated that the route of the tunnel was designed to be utilized by the elite units of the terror organization.”

Netanyahu: We threatened to send troops to Cairo

“Speaking at a Foreign Ministry ceremony on the eve of Yom HaZikaron, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed that Israel had threatened Egypt during the 2011 Cairo embassy crisis.”

Netanyahu, who is looking rather weak these days, is taking action to look tough. Skirmishes with Hamas over tunnels, attacking Hezbollah weapons delivery, and most recently this revelation about the Cairo embassy.

The Syrian President tells Islamic leaders that his country will take the Golan Heights away from Israel by military force

“Speaking at the Organization of Islamic Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, the Syrian President Bashar Assad told the attendees that Syria will take the Golan Heights from Israel by force and he said that this is a national duty for his country – its a legitimate and moral obligation to do so. Assad also slammed Israel for the situation at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem saying that for forty years since the Israelis tried to set fire to the Al Aqsa Mosque, there have been reoccurring attempts to destroy the mosque and to Judaize Jerusalem by expelling Palestinians from their homes.”

As if Israel needed any more reason to keep the Golan, Assad gives them more ammo. Syria taking back the Golan Heights by force is unlikely. There is a better chance the Israel will give it away through negations. 

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

What’s Left of the Syrian Arab Air Force?

“Declared “inoperational” by most of foreign observers already at the start of Syrian uprising in 2011, the Syrian Arab Air Force not only remains operational, but — regardless of how badly impacted by attrition over the years — is showing surprising signs of vitality.”

Iran has deployed S-300 system, minister says

“Hossein Dehghan says Russian-made air defense batteries now in service, Tehran to start manufacturing similar system.”

Bible Prophecy

When are the Last Days? Are we in the Last Days now?

“One distinctive quality of the Last Days is God’s wrath when it is directly poured out. It is not popular to speak of His wrath. Christians today like to focus on His love. That is all well and good, God’s love is a fine, wonderful thing. But so is His wrath. It is God’s wrath that Jesus mentioned. It is wrath that we are warned to flee from.”

The Mighty Angels of Revelation 9

“Vic Batista: We’ve been continuing in our series of God’s mighty angels in the book of Revelation and how angels are involvement in Bible prophecy, as well as in our personal lives today. In previous segments, we explored Revelation 8 and the Seven Trumpet Judgments and how these angelic beings were proclaiming God’s judgments that were unfolding.”



The Subversion of American Evangelicals

“But will this support last?…At least as far as Israel is concerned, the readiness of Evangelicals to support the most anti-Israel candidate running for the Republican presidential nomination is no surprise. To understand why this is the case, the Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem is a good place to look. According to its website, the mission of the biennial conference “is to challenge Evangelicals to take responsibility to help resolve the conflicts in Israel/ Palestine by engaging with the teaching of Jesus on the Kingdom of God.”

In recent years, replacement theology has extended its biblical revisionism from Jews as people reviled for their rejection of Jesus and their supersession by Christians to Israel. The Jewish state is reviled as a religiously prohibited entity whose very existence is a sin against God. According to current replacement theology, Jesus was not a Jew. He was a Palestinian. The Jews are not a people. They have no rights to the land of Israel. Israel, it is asserted, has no historical or theological right to exist. Rather, according to the rewritten scriptures, the Palestinians are the chosen people.”

Beware of groups like Christ at the Checkpoint. Replacement Theology is a sick  infection of the Church. These groups try to rewrite history and corrupt the Bible. They are successful because people don’t know the Bible. Fight them by knowing the Bible.

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