Articles of the Day 5/25/16: Don’t trust a guy with a tattoo and a nose pierce

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria– 
Temple Mount tensions– 
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem– 
US retreat from Middle East- 
Pope Francis active in politics– 
Northern border tension– 
Southern border tension– 
One world government advancement– Chip in the hand becoming more mainstream. 
One world religion advancement- Pope group hug with Muslim leaders. 

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Official PA media glorifies murderer of US tourist, Taylor Force

“On March 8, 2016, Palestinian terrorist Bashar Masalha attacked civilians in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, stabbing to death an American tourist, Taylor Force, and wounding 11 others. The terrorist was shot and killed by Israeli police. The day after the murder, Palestinian Media Watch reported that Abbas’ Fatah praised the murderer as “the heroic Martyr.” Last week, Israel gave his body to the Palestinian Authority.”

Begs the question, why is the US still funding the Palestinian Authority? They don’t even protest it. 

Is Jordan Palestine?

“Q. What do you think about prominent Dutch politician that was calling for Jordan to change its name to Palestine as part of a solution to the Middle East conflict?

A. It’s a great idea with both Biblical and historical precedent. As the Israelites were traveling toward the promised land God told Moses,

“Give the people these orders: ‘You are about to pass through the territory of your brothers the descendants of Esau, who live in Seir. They will be afraid of you, but be very careful. Do not provoke them to war, for I will not give you any of their land, not even enough to put your foot on. I have given Esau the hill country of Seir as his own. You are to pay them in silver for the food you eat and the water you drink.’” (Deut 2:4-6).

Seir bordered the Promised Land on the South East and was also called Edom. Lot’s sons Moab and Ammon (after whom the capitol of Jordan is named) were given the land north of Edom and East of the Jordan. Together these three land grants make up the land currently occupied by Jordan.

In 1921 the British partitioned the land they had been given control of following WW1 ( the British mandate) into Israel as a Jewish homeland and trans-Jordan (later Jordan) as a homeland for the “Palestinians”. Jordan gained its independence in 1946, two years before Israel was declared an independent nation. As late as 1981 King Hussein of Jordan was widely quoted as saying “The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.”

It’s remarkable to understand that this whole conflict is the fault of Jordan not Israel. The Palestinians are really Jordanians. Jordan abandoned their own people after the wars of 1948 and 1967.  There are no such people as Palestinians.  It was made up in order to steal Israeli land.

IDF soldiers arrest 21, seize guns in large West Bank raid

“Half of the detainees from Kufr al-Dik, east of Tel Aviv; none injured as Israeli forces come under attack in Abu Dis.”

‘Significant shortcomings’ in IDF’s ability to stockpile certain munitions

“State Comptroller Joseph Shapira found “significant shortcomings” in the IDF’s ability to acquire weapons in the ground forces and air force.”

One of those little things that could effect the outcome of a conflict.

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

What’s Left of the Syrian Arab Army? Not much

“The devil is in the details, as some say. Indeed, a closer examination of facts on the ground reveals an entirely different picture. The SAA and NDF are nearly extinct.”

Sunni force backed by US heads toward ISIS capital in Syria

“Has the attack on the ISIS capital in Syria begun? Troops from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), consisting of Sunni tribesmen trained, armed and directed by the US military, launched an operation on Wednesday to take over roads leading to Raqqa. According to reports by Arab sources, the SDF fighters are moving in three main groups but are still 60 kilometers north of the city.”

Kurdish-led forces launch operation to take ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa

“Kurdish fighters, Arab allies launch surprise 3-pronged offensive in northern Syria, hoping to liberate the capital of the ‘Islamic State.'”

Bible Prophecy

The Mighty Angels of Revelation 12

“Vic Batista: We are continuing our study of God’s mighty angels in the book of Revelation. In this particular segment, we will look at the some prophetic imagery found in Revelation 12. Angel wars!”

Reading Revelation Chronologically

“Q. John’s gospel is the least chronological of the four gospels. Events are out of order and a very unequal amount of verses are applied to certain events versus other events in Jesus’ life. So it would seem unlikely then that John’s book of Revelation would be completely in time order. Perhaps some parts of the Revelation are chronological, and others are placed thematically. This is a critical issue, since from reading your material it appears the primary basis of your belief in pre-Trib is because Rev 4 & 5 in chapter order precede the rest of the book. Can you please enlighten me as to how you see it and why?

A. I’ve read lots of opinions about whether the Revelation is chronological or not, and the only exceptions to a chronological reading that makes sense to me are;

1) John could only write about one thing at a time so there are places where multiple things are happening together and he could only describe them one at a time,

2) where he brought a particular subject to its conclusion before back tracking to pick up another train of thought, or

3) where he’s providing some background to help us understand something. These are all obvious. Otherwise, I don’t think it makes sense to depart from a chronological reading.

It’s not fair to compare the Revelation with John’s gospel. In the Revelation John was essentially “taking dictation” from the Lord, and the writing style is so different that some scholars debate whether he even wrote it.

Finally, there are several much stronger proofs for a pre-trib rapture that make a chronological reading of Revelation unnecessary to support the case for one.”

Could Radical Islam be the Curse of Genesis 12:3 ?

“In the book of Genesis, G-d made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants (the Jewish people) in which He unconditionally promised Abraham several things including many descendants, a specific area of land in the Middle East known as Israel and in verse 3, He also promised to reward those dealing with Israel and the Jewish people according to their behavior, as we read: “And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse.”



Satan’s Credit Card: What The Mark Of The Beast Taught Me About The Future Of Money

“My piercer, Chai, and I retired to the backroom where my skewering would take place. “So now I’m going to tell you something you probably didn’t consider before,” he said, furrowing his brow. “People — very conservative right-wing Christian types — might come after you for this. They see it as the Mark of the Beast. I just want you to be prepared.” I nodded like this is something I had expected to hear.

This comes from the Book of Revelation: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark on their right hand, or on their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Warning: this article goes on and on and on about nothing, but it does highlight the trend where things are going. The author’s experience was apparently not so great.  And oh yes, heed the warning of the tattooed, nose pierce guy who says, “beware of those right-wing Christian types”. Ironic he is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘calm’ as he inserts your ticket to hell in your hand.  Did I mention the nose pierce guy has a tattoo of a swastika on his neck?  Yeah…let’s trust these people. By the way, Buzzfeed sites suck in terms of appearance.

“Radical” vs. “Moderate” Islam: A Muslim View

“According to Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Khadr, the first loyalty of radicals is to Islam while the first loyalty for moderates, regardless of their religion, is to the state. Radicals reject the idea of religious equality because Allah’s true religion is Islam; moderates accept it.”

I do not believe there are any “moderate” Muslims. There are some Muslims who choose violence to advance their religion and others who choose other methods to advance their religion.  The means are not the same but they all have the same goals. How many Muslims accept Western values? Probably four I think.

Pope and top imam embrace in historic Vatican meeting

“‘Our meeting is the message,’ says pontiff as he welcomes highest authority in Sunni Islam in boost to Christian-Islam ties.”

And that is what makes us all so uncomfortable.

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