Articles of the Day 6/10/16: Hamas Provokes Israel

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria– 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror across Jerusalem– 
US retreat from Middle East- 
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension– Tel Aviv attack by Hamas terrorists kill four Israelis. Hamas launches 30 rockets as a warning.  ⇑⇑⇑
One world government advancement– 
One world religion advancement- 


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Tel Aviv Terror: What We Know So Far About the Sarona Shooting

“Four Israelis were killed and 6 were wounded in a terror attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night, when two Palestinian gunmen went on a shooting rampage in a popular marketplace located across the street from military headquarters.”

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that once again, the Palestinians prove they have no desire for peace.

UN: Suspension of Ramadan entry permits may constitute ‘prohibited collective punishment’

Following the deadly terror attack in Tel Aviv, the Security Cabinet decided to suspend 83,000 entry permits that were granted to Palestinians for the Ramadan holiday, a measure that is now being criticized by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Its the UN right, so you know whatever response that comes from the Israelis is going to be criticized. The UN is perfectly happy to see Israelis get slaughtered. Israelis could go plant trees in Gaza and still be condemned. Notice too the UN does not condemn the attack. From the UN and world’s perspective the Israelis should not defend themselves.

Likud MK: UN funds Hamas regime in Gaza

“A clear majority” of U.S. and EU money earmarked for U.N. activities in Gaza ends up in pockets of Hamas, says new Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee head Avi Dichter . “PA leaders do not have the courage to take steps toward peace,” he says.

State Department: Israel shouldn’t punish innocent Palestinians

“State Department says Israel’s response to Tel Aviv attack should take innocent Palestinians into consideration.”

But see that is the whole tactic. Hamas uses their own people as meat shields after they attack Israel.  The US knows this but they restrain Israel anyway.

US cautions Israel not to escalate tensions after Tel Aviv attack

One Day Prior To Tel Aviv Terror Attack, Article On Hamas Website Called Ramadan ‘The Month Of Jihad,’ ‘The Pinnacle Of Islam’

“On June 7, 2016, the day before the shooting attack in Tel Aviv in which four were killed and several wounded, Hamas’s military wing, the ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, published an article on its website encouraging jihad and martyrdom during the month of Ramadan, which began this week. The article, titled “Ramadan – The Month of Jihad, Fighting and Victory over the Enemies,” noted that throughout the ages Ramadan had been the time of the greatest Muslim victories, beginning from the days of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah, it said, had commanded, and urged, the Muslims to wage jihad, for it is the pinnacle of Islam. The article stressed that Muslims’ sad situation today is due to their abandonment of jihad, and called on them to follow the example set out in their glorious, jihad-saturated history.

Hamas test-fires dozens of short-range rockets in Gaza

“The Hamas terror organization on Friday test-fired dozens of short-range rockets in the Gaza Strip, with Israeli sources estimating that at least 30 projectiles were launched.”

Meanwhile the US government tells Israel not to escalate tensions. What hypocrites. 

IDF seizes gunmaking machinery, ammo in West Bank sweeps

“Army makes more arrests in Hebron-area hometown of Tel Aviv terrorists, who used homemade weapons to kill 4 in rampage.”

IDF imposes closure on Judea and Samaria, closes Gaza crossings

“Palestinian entry into Israel will not be allowed during Shavuot holiday with the exception of humanitarian cases. The IDF Spokesman announced Thursday night that the crossings will be reopened and the closure will be lifted on Sunday night based on an assessment of the security situation.The closure will not apply to permits for entry in to Israel for Friday prayers on the Temple Mount.”

This is actually a pretty mild response so far.

Tel Aviv mayor blames terror attack on ‘occupation’

“Mayor Ron Huldai expresses understanding for Arabs celebrating terror attack which ravaged his city.”

This is part of the problem. Israeli politicians justify Hamas terrorist attacks. This invites more attacks. Read the whole statement and it is full of destructive Leftist thinking. The Left in Israel do more harm then the terrorists. 

Fatah: Tel Aviv terror attack was natural reaction to Israeli policy

“While Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza celebrated the deadly terror attack that was carried out in Tel Aviv yesterday, the Palestinian leadership has failed to condemn the murder of the four Israelis. “This is a natural reaction of individuals,” stated a Fatah official. Hamas claims that Israel has failed to prevent the “Palestinian resistance.”

Blame the victim. This proves the Palestinians are not interested in peace. They celebrated, perhaps collective punishment is what is needed.


Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

130 ISIS fighters killed in battle for Syria’s Manbij

“Most ISIS casualties from US-led coalition airstrikes; Kurdish-Arab alliance close to cutting off key jihadist lifeline.”

Why the Islamic State Is in Retreat

  • “Attrition: Since August 2014, when the U.S.-led coalition initiated its air campaign against the IS, the coalition has succeeded in eliminating thousands of Islamic fighters, but more important, it has struck and shaken the command and control structure of the IS.
  • Manpower: Countries from where IS volunteers have been recruited have adopted new rules of conduct and restricted the flow of volunteers to the IS. Aware that most of the fighters would come back to their native countries and become dormant members of IS agent cells, these countries now closely monitor Salafist organizations.
  • Firepower inferiority: Unwilling to put “boots on the ground,” the U.S. and Russians chose to crush IS forces as well as rebels from the air, targeting their equipment, logistics, leaders, and military formations.
  • Diminishing financial support: When IS captured Mosul, it looted Mosul’s central bank, absconding with $500 million. In the last year, U.S. aircraft unleashed a new and effective financial measure: blowing up the coffers of the Islamic State.”

Bible Prophecy

The Mighty Angels of Revelation 15

“Vic Batista: We are now entering Revelation 15 and will be introduced to the third and final group of seven mighty angels who deliver God’s judgments upon the world. We have been making our way through the book of Revelation highlighting the work of God’s mighty angels and how they are so involved in our lives today, and also how they will be greatly involved in the events that will take place during the Tribulation.”


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