Articles of the Day 7/1/16: Israel Under Assault…Again

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria–
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror-
Fresh wave of terror attacks on Israeli civilians.
Palestinian incitement-
PA welcomes murder of Israeli child, calls attacker a ‘hero’.
US retreat from Middle East-
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension–
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement-

Following Abbas’s ‘Well Water’ incitement, Palestinians launch a fresh wave of attacks on Israeli civilians. Including the brutal murder of an Israeli child in her bed. Where is the UN investigation into these war crimes? Palestinians are never held accountable by the world for their crimes. God WILL hold them accountable!

Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Israeli man dead, his wife and kids injured in Mount Hebron shooting attack

Watch: IDF force guns down female Palestinian assailant at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs

Two Israelis wounded in Netanya stabbing attack

US, Germany condemn killing of sleeping Israeli teen

“State Department calls Kiryat Arba terror attack ‘unconscionable’; in Hebrew, Berlin says it is a ‘new record in atrocious and cruel acts’”

Even though they condemn the attack they will still send money to the PA who will use it to pay the family of the attacker. The beat goes on, Israeli children die and Western countries fund the terror.

Israeli girl, 13, stabbed to death by Palestinian in her West Bank bedroom

“Hallel Yaffa Ariel killed by terrorist who entered her home in Kiryat Arba; civilian guard also injured responding to incident; attacker killed.”

‘I trained my daughter to love, you trained your son to kill’

Netanyahu: ‘You don’t murder a sleeping child for peace’

Kalandia Checkpoint: Dozens of Muslims throw stones at Israeli security forces

Nine Israelis attacked in Ramallah

“The nine arrived for a break the fast meal at the end of the Ramadan fast at a well-known Palestinian’s home who is working to strengthen ties between leftist Israelis and Palestinians. There is a suspicion that the young people knew about the arrival of the Israelis ahead of time and waited to attack them and their cars.”

Israel hopes for UN return to Golan as Iran, ISIS seek foothold

“UNDOF peacekeeprs on Syria-Israel border removed after attacks, kidnappings.”

Thanks in no small part to Russia, Hezbollah is now a full-fledged army

“For now its focus is on the Syrian civil war, where it is sustaining heavy losses, but the Lebanese Shiite terror group has become a far more formidable player in the 10 years since the Second Lebanon War.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Iranian army: In 25 years Israel will no longer be on the map

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vow support for “Palestine”, say they envisage a Jerusalem in 25 years in which Israel doesn’t exist.”

Rouhani: Israel is to blame for the conflicts in the Arab world

“Iranian President calls on Muslims to take part in annual anti-Israel activities on Al-Quds Day.”

The source of much hate and evil: Iran.

Iraq says IS, fleeing Fallujah, ripped apart by airstrikes

“Helicopters kill over 150 jihadists and destroy 260 vehicles, Baghdad says.”

Assad: West secretly cooperating with Damascus against militants

70 fighters killed in northern Syria

“At least 70 regime and rebel fighters killed in a government assault and a jihadist-led counterattack north of Aleppo.”

Bible Prophecy

As It Was In The Days Of Noah

“Q. In one of your articles you wrote, “The days before the flood were an extreme test of faith for Noah and his family. Not one person supported their decision to abandon their “normal” life and obey the Lord’s commands. And for seven days after they entered the ark nothing happened. Can you imagine how their friends laughed and jeered while they sat there waiting for the rain to come?” Unquote.

Where does it say in Scripture that nothing happened for seven days after the Lord shut them in the ark? I have looked in all my Bibles and what you said is not recorded in any. In my NKJ version immediately after the Lord shut them in it says (verse 17) “Now the flood was on the earth forty days.” Can you please let me know where you obtained this additional information?

A. Be glad to. But first of all, a slight correction. I didn’t say nothing happened for seven days after the Lord shut them in. I said nothing happened for seven days after they entered the ark. Here’s how it happened.

In Genesis 7:1-2 the Lord told Noah , “Go into the ark and take with you 7 of every clean animal and 2 of every unclean animal.” In the same conversation He said in verse 4, “Seven days from now I will send rain on the Earth.” Then verse 7 says that Noah and his sons and their wives entered the ark, and verse 10 says, And after the seven days the flood waters came upon the Earth.

During that seven days all the remaining animals came to Noah and entered the ark. Noah and his family were on board and animals kept coming in, but it wasn’t raining yet and so although any humans who chose to could have entered also none did.

At the end of the seven days, when the rains came, the Lord shut the doors signifying that the time for coming on board to escape the judgment had expired, and no further entry into the ark would be allowed. The fates of both those sealed inside and those who had refused to enter had been determined.

Jesus said it would be just this way at the end of the age. For the last seven years before His return the door to salvation will remain open to any who choose to accept it, even though the Church will have already come in. But on the day of his return the door will be closed and the fates of both those who came in and those who refused will have been sealed. As it was in the days of Noah so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”



Professor blames Christians not ISIS for Orlando shooting

“A University at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo) professor is claiming any attention given to Islamic State and Islamic radicalism after the Orlando shooting is “deliberate misdirection” distracting people from the much greater threat of Christians and the Republican party.

“This was an American killing Americans because they were queer and that has not been forcefully articulated,” Jonathan Katz said in a news release put out by the school. “What we are trying to do here is camouflage the root of the problem, which is a long history of violent political rhetoric and homophobic policies by Republican officials and their conservative allies.

Katz, an art history professor, also claims to be the first full-time academic to earn tenure in the field of gay and lesbian studies, which he taught at the City College of San Francisco.

The school characterizes Katz’s statements as “research news,” though Katz’s comments appear to simply be his opinion as an art professor. Katz’s opinion is that blame for Omar Mateen, a radical Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS both before and during his massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub, should rest with Christian conservatives, whom he describes as “our enemies.”

“The ISIS thing is a distraction and it allows this tragedy to be reconfigured into a political argument against terror instead of looking at the long legacy of anti-gay violence in this country that has itself been stoked and promoted by the Christian right,” Katz says. “The cause of our current violence is more likely to be found in this country than the Middle East.”

Katz also says American conservatives, whom he describes as “our enemies,” find it distasteful to mourn the mass murder of gays, and so they have pivoted to Islamic extremism as a means of making this mourning more palatable.

“The discussion of ISIS is a deliberate misdirection and an attempt by the Right to make the unpalatable defense of gay people more to their liking by rewriting it in patriotic terms,” he says. “What happened in Orlando is part of the pattern of anti-gay violence in the U.S. We cannot allow this tragedy to be used by our enemies in ways that obscure its cause. We have a homophobia problem in this country and that should be the focus.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to SUNY-Buffalo regarding Katz’s remarks, and why the school publicized them as research, but did not immediately receive a reply.”

Posted the whole article so we could all see the bizarre logic of a Leftist. He is not the exception either. Christians are hated more the Muslims even though nearly all terror attacks are executed by Muslims and none by Christians.  This is the seed of Christian persecution, violent acts by Muslims. Liberals put peaceful Christians and violent Muslims together. They see no difference. In fact, they usually give Muslims a pass and blame Christians (or Jews) for acts of terror. 

Read  Mark 15:6-15 and see how people will choose a murder over a savior. This is what is happening today. Unbelievers, corrupted by Liberalism, choose Muslims (murder) and cry Crucify Him! about the Christian (savior). 

IDF unveils new cyber defense HQ

“Somewhere in central Israel, deep underground, is a 24/7 war room meant to enable the Israel Defense Forces to defend the country from cyber attacks. ‘We encourage initiative and innovation,’ says a high-ranking former IDF general in charge of cyber defense.”

IDF acquires new long-range rockets

“The IDF is set to reinforce its arsenal, adding rockets with a range of 150 kilometers capable of hitting targets within a 10 meter accuracy radius.”

Senator to ‘Post’: Congress acts to shut loophole on Palestinian convict stipends

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