Articles of the Day 7/11/16: Scary Stuff

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria–
Temple Mount tensions–MK Yehuda Glick receives death threat. 
Palestinian terror– Attacks continue.
Palestinian incitement– Incitement continues.
US retreat from Middle East–
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension– Iran threatens Israel…again.
Southern border tension– Another tunnel collapse. 
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Foreign Min. blasts ‘offensive’ UNESCO Temple Mount resolution

“Foreign Ministry Director General ridicules UNESCO resolution nixing Jewish connection to Temple Mount, describing it as ‘Muslim holy site’.”

This is simply an effort by the world to steal Israeli land. They rewrite history, ignore archeological facts, and lie. UNESCO, like UNRWA, is another corrupt agency in a corrupt organization that is the UN. All funding to the UN should cease immediately. They do more harm then good.

Mired in Syria, Hezbollah still eyed warily by Israel

“A decade after the punishing Second Lebanon War, the terror group is still Israel’s ‘main enemy,’ but is seen as too busy in Syria to launch a new conflict.”

ISIS Comes to Gaza

  • “Recent reports leave no doubt as to cooperation between Hamas and ISIS groups in Sinai. These reports, the Egyptians and Palestinian Authority argue, provide further evidence that the Gaza Strip remains a major base for various jihadi terror groups that pose a real threat.
  • The report said that terrorists wanted by the Egyptian authorities were admitted to the Gaza Strip hospital in return for weapons given to Hamas by the Islamic State in the Sinai.
  • Mahmoud Abbas and the leaders of the Palestinian Authority (PA) can continue to talk all they want about a Palestinian state that would be established in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem. But when ISIS-inspired groups are active in Gaza and there are no signs that the Hamas regime is weakening, it is rather difficult to imagine a Palestinian state.
  • The jihadi groups clearly seek to create an Islamic emirate combining the Gaza Strip and Sinai. Abbas might thank Israel for its presence in the West Bank — a presence that allows him and his government to be something other than infidel cannon fodder for the jihadis.”

Iran Threatens to Destroy Israel With ‘100,000 Missiles’

“Iran last week reiterated that it is putting the pieces in place for its own version of the “final solution” to the problem of Israel and Jewish sovereignty.”

Just a reminder of what Iran intends to do to Israel.

Report: IDF carried out several drone strikes in Sinai Peninsula in coordination with Egypt

“It was reported today that a former Israeli security official stated that Israel carried out several drone strikes in the Sinai Peninsula over the past few years. According to the source, these attacks were approved by Egypt.”

Islamic Jihad member killed when tunnel collapsed in Northern Gaza

“The terrorist organization announced that one of its members was killed when a tunnel collapsed in Northern Gaza today. Last week, a Palestinian newspaper reported that 15 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the year in 10 different tunnel-related incidents in Gaza.”

Another death threat made against MK Yehuda Glick

“In a video that was sent to MK Yehuda Glick, a young man is seen holding a sign that reads: “I will kill Yehuda Glick.” When the man puts down the sign, a knife appears, as well as the man’s left hand, which is wrapped in tefillin. Hours before the threat was sent to Glick, the right-wing activist called on the Jewish people to ascend the Temple Mount.”

Shooting victim: By a ‘miracle,’ terrorist didn’t fire right away

“Eitan Finkel, who drove for some 20 minutes on Saturday night with a bullet in his leg and 6 kids in the backseat, says gunman hesitated.”



It Is the Duty of Muslims to Speak Out

  • “Islam can provide a powerful language and tool to commit the worst crimes, while at the same time the perpetrators of those attacks feel blessed, privileged, rewarded and on the winning side.
  • This indoctrination evolves into a deep-seated fear of even questioning, let alone leaving, the rules of Allah and Islam. Once you become the slave of Islam, it kills your courage to leave it.
  • Unless we gain a better understanding of the nature of Islam — its reliance on Qur’anic verses, as well as its values, principles and ideology, we will not be capable of addressing this threat.
  • Simply stating that Islam does not have to do anything with these violent acts is not a constructive; it is just a way to avoid tackling the problem. As Muslims, we need to accept the fact that there exist some parts in the religion of Islam that gives social, political, religious, and cultural legitimacy to violence. Otherwise these Islamist groups would not have flourished.”

Families of American terror victims murdered in Israel file major lawsuit against Facebook

“Several families of American terror victims murdered in Israel filed a lawsuit today against Facebook. According to the lawsuit, the social media networks enables Hamas to spread its messages of hate. The families are demanding more than a billion US dollars in compensation.”

Companies like Facebook are pretty quick to censor or shutdown Christian posts but for some reason seem reluctant to do the same for known terrorist organizations or extreme groups like #BlackLivesMatter who routinely call for violence against law enforcement. These companies have made billions off the Internet yet will not acknowledge the great responsibility they have.  They are quite bias in there decision making. Incitement to violence is rampant on these sites but these companies do almost nothing to stop it.

Battalion of real Israeli soldiers using networked computer combat simulations to test new weapons like GPS guided mortars

“The majority of the new fighting systems being tested out in these simulators are still works in progress, and are top secret. However, one of the systems which are allowed to be written about is the “Spark”. The “Spark” is a next generation anti-tank missile which is expected to replace the “Gil” missile which is currently in used by the IDF. There are many benefits to the “Spark” which include an upgraded targeting system and a considerable reduction in weight, thereby enabling greater ease of maneuverability by ground forces.”

Now Big Brother Will Monitor Your Sermons

“The case in question concerns a church in Iowa which is seeking to prevent being forced to scrub sermons found unacceptable to the state, and being forced to have its restrooms and showers open to members of the opposite sex.”

“A Bible study held in a home, conducted by the pastor, might not be safe. And plenty of other religious bodies (schools, bookstores, etc) will not be safe. So what we have here is a war on the church. And coming soon to a church near you: a war even on sermons.”

Read the whole article, scary stuff indeed.

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