Articles of the Day 7/20/16: Its Happening All Over The World

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria–
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror–
Palestinian incitement–
US retreat from Middle East–
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension– IDF soldier injured by gunfire near Syrian border, possible IAF response.
Southern border tension–
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Report: Israel attacks Syrian army post near Golan Heights

Arab media outlets claim Israel attacked Syrian government building

“According to reports that have not yet been confirmed, IAF aircrafts attacked a Syrian government building in Quneitra near the Syrian-Israeli border. Syrian government officials quickly denied the reports of an Israeli attack and accused Jabhat al-Nusra of targeting the building.”

Gunfire on Lebanese border position slightly hurts IDF soldier

“Israeli military authorities are checking on the source of the gunfire which Wednesday damaged an IDF position at Metulah on the Lebanese border. A soldier was slightly injured. “

Did Turkey help Gaza terrorists fire rockets at Israel?

“In one of the emails, entitled “Our missile tactics in Palestine,” a sender from Turkey – who appears to be named Osman Kastamonulu, but who uses the name of a Turkish singer as his email address – emails “” to advise on how to hide rockets from Israeli jets.

The email is dated August 2014, during the war between the IDF and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, who rained thousands of rockets on Israeli civilian population centers.

“Cover missile with carpet 3 times and cover with double glazing(no air between glazing, deaerated) there must be cylindrical and round edges and agonic missile,” the email informs in broken English. “Our target is insulating and sound-absorbing missile and it mustn’t reflect sound and electromagnetic waves back”

In other email he writes: “Our missile must be painted with light blue or grey . So, israil radars won’t find missile with electromagnetic waves and especially we must paint our missile’s corners and so, we can do insulator missile and israil radars can’t find it.”

And no one in Israel is surprised.

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

State: Nuke deal allows ‘incremental growth’ in Iran’s enrichment capacity

“The State Department confirmed Tuesday that non-public documents revealed this week accurately describe how that Iran will be able to ramp up its nuclear enrichment capacity after about a decade.

But the department insisted that the group of countries involved in the deal knew this as it was being negotiated, and said the information revealed Monday isn’t “new” to them, even though the details had been kept away from the public since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, was agreed.”

The Obama administration time and time again lies to the American public and gets away with it. How can anything they promise be trusted? Does this mean sometime in the next 10 years Israel will have to strike Iran?

Syria: Strange Alliances Suddenly Shifting

“ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) continues to defend its heartland in eastern Syria by stubbornly holding onto areas in the northwest near the Turkish border and the town of Manbij. The Syrian Kurds are the main force in this operation and it has run into problems. This is crucial for two reasons, one being that the Kurds are the essential northern force advancing on the ISIL capital Raqqa in the east and can’t handle that and Manbij at the same time.”

Turkish navy ships still missing since coup attempt as it remains unclear which side admirals are on

“The commander of the Turkish navy has not been heard from since the failed coup.”

Several helicopters reported missing as well. I wonder how many in the military just took the opportunity to escape rather then support the coup (which may not have been real).

Former Turkish Military Attache to Israel Recants ‘Confession’

“Former Turkish Air Force Chief Akin Ozturk may have “confessed” alleged involvement in last week’s failed coup attempt earlier in the day on Monday, but he had a very different account to share later in the day when he made his statement to prosecutors.

Turkey’s former military attache to Israel insisted that he was “not the person who planned or led the coup,” according to a report by the BBC. The state-run Anadolu news agency earlier had quoted him as telling his interrogators that he had “acted with the intention to stage a coup.”

Turkey: Erdogan widens crackdown on academia and media

“President Erdogan directs wrath at supporters of exiled rival Fethullah Gulen, forcing thousands of academics from their posts.”

If the threat is from the military then why is there a crackdown on academia and media? Something evil lurks in Turkey.

President Erdogan could be using the coup against him to turn Turkey towards full-scale Islamisation

“The implementation of Mr Erdogan’s long-desired presidential system based on Islamic values is beginning to look inevitable, says Patrick Cockburn.”

Iran Deploys Hezbollah-Trained Afghan Sniper Brigade in Syria

“TEL AVIV — An Israeli intelligence source confirmed Monday that a new unit of Afghan snipers trained by Lebanese-based Hezbollah and financed by Iran is now operating beyond its northern border on behalf of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In a July 18 interview, the source said the sniper unit – part of the Afghan Fatemiyoun Brigade – is one of several additional groups of special forces that are being deployed in the fight against the Islamic State organization, also known by its Arabic acronym Da’esh.

“These Afghan Shias are battle-hardened and focused at the moment on fighting Da’esh. But we’re obviously following with interest any introduction of new forces and capabilities in that theater that may turn their attention to us when the time is right for them,” said the Israeli analyst, who insisted on anonymity because the interview did not take place through normal authorization channels.”

When the Syrian war ends all these forces will be in place to attack Israel.


Bible Prophecy

The Origin Of Demons?

“Q. I am wondering what the difference is between ‘fallen angels’ and Satan’s ‘demonic horde.’ I always thought demons WERE the fallen angels. Also, Satan and his hordes of demons do tempt us along with the temptation of the world and our flesh, right?

A. The origin of demons is shrouded in mystery, and the Bible doesn’t shed any light on this topic. Of the opinions I’ve read from Christian scholars, the most popular is that they’re the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who perished in the flood. Based on archeological evidence the Nephilim must have become a sizable and wide spread part of the pre-flood population, and are probably the primary cause of the flood. Their spirits were left to wander the Earth until the time of judgment.

Most people don’t ever become enough of a threat to Satan to warrant his personal involvement in their lives. But demonic spirits do torment us. We’re especially vulnerable when our unconfessed sins have required God to partially withdraw His protective shield. This is one of the lessons of the Book of Job. But we should understand that our sins are overwhelmingly due to our own sin nature yielding to the temptations of this world.”

What Is The Lie And Who Will Believe It?

“Q. In 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12, what are the details of the lie that unbelievers will believe? Exactly what “facts” does the lie consist of? How will it be propagated? How will Tribulation believers recognize it as a lie and resist it, if they do not have the Holy Spirit sealed within them? What will protect them from believing the lie? Will God provide them any supernatural help to resist Satan? Surely they cannot do that with their own strength.

A. Based on 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 scholars believe the lie is the anti-Christ proclaiming Himself to be God. Paul said that those who believe this lie will be those who are perishing and they’ll be perishing because they have refused to believe the truth and be saved (2 Thessalonians 2:10). Tribulation believers will have embraced the truth and will be able to spot the lie because they’ll have God’s Word as a guide.”



French woman and her three daughters stabbed by Moroccan-born man in Alpine resort

” Initial reports claimed the man struck because he was angered by the women being “scantily dressed,” but a local prosecutor denied this.

Raphaël Balland, prosecutor of Gap, said: “I wanted to quash the rumour currently doing the rounds because on no account did this man make such comments about the fact that the attack may have been motivated by the victims’ dress code.”

The attacker, named as Mohamed B, 37, “may have acted out of religious motives”, French television channel TF1 reported. Despite the prosecutor’s denial, TF1 reported that he was angry that the girls were wearing shorts.”

This reports shows what Islam really is. Fear, intimation, hate. Report also shows Western governments desire to cover up the crimes of Muslims. Its happening all over the world. The French are really taking a beating from Muslims.

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