Articles of the Day 7/22/16: A Democracy Has Died

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in Syria–
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror–
Palestinian incitement–
US retreat from Middle East–
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension– 
Southern border tension–
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

IDF adapting training to Hezbollah battle doctrine

“Today, according to a senior military source who is familiar with current infantry training practices, nearly every aspect of preparations has been revamped. The length of training programs for conscripts and reserves has grown exponentially under the current chief of staff.

In training grounds around the country, the IDF took a number of companies, taught them Hezbollah’s current battle doctrine, and set them loose in mock battles against infantry units in training.

“These companies have been instructed to pursue their missions as well as they can. They form a ‘thinking enemy’ for training units. It is something we began three years ago, and it is becoming more widespread now. This forms a real challenge,” the source said.”


Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Turkish lawmakers give leader Erdogan sweeping new powers

“ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey will be able to extend detention times for suspects and issue decrees without parliamentary approval under a three-month state of emergency approved Thursday by lawmakers following last week’s attempted military coup.”

Turkey to shut hundreds of schools in anti-coup measure

“Over 600 institutions to be shuttered as Erdogan claims education system infiltrated by subversive opposition leaders.”

Turkey’s worrying slide into tyranny

“The imposition of a three month state of emergency in Turkey, together with Ankara’s announcement yesterday that is suspending its participation in the European Convention on Human Rights, will intensify concerns about the increasingly autocratic style of government pursued by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the wake of last week’s failed military coup. Having narrowly avoided assassination – at least, according to reports in the Turkish media – after rebel Turkish pilots failed to shoot down his president jet, Mr Erdogan has lost no time seeking vengeance against those deemed to be his political opponents.”

A democracy has died in Turkey. A modern anti-Semitic dictatorship is being born in its place. Might be good to study the armed forces of Turkey. They will be used very soon in the coming years. Curious to see what alliances surface with Turkey.

Report: Russian military units in Syria warned Erdogan about coup attempt

“Government officials in Ankara revealed that Russian military units warned them about the coup attempt. In addition, officials in Tehran claim that they advised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on how to suppress the coup.”

Does Israel face crisis with Cyprus over gas?

“The Cypriot government is refusing to allow the construction of a gas pipeline from Israel to Turkey via Cyprus, which was agreed upon in the deal Israel signed with Turkey.”

I have a feeling any deals involving Israel and Turkey will soon vaporize.

Bible Prophecy

Angels Are Watching Us

“Q. I’m sitting here doing homework for a study I’m taking on Revelation. In the booklet, there’s a reference to 1 Peter 1:10-12, concerning our salvation. At the end of verse 12 it says, Even angels long to look into these things. What is Peter talking about in the verses leading up to this verse and what does it mean that even angels long to look into these things?

A. Peter was writing to the gentile churches in what’s called Turkey today. In 1 Peter 1:10-12 he explained that the Old Testament prophets knew about the Lord’s plan to give His life to save them (and us) and tried as hard as they could to figure out when He was coming. The Lord told them they were writing to a future generation. Peter told his readers that they were the generation to whom the prophets had been writing. The Lord had come and died for our sins in their generation and that’s why the gospel was being preached to them.

The angels didn’t know how God’s plan for our redemption would be accomplished but were intensely curious about it as well. In essence Peter said that they learn by watching how God works with us. Paul confirmed this by saying the Father’s intent was that now, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God would be made known to the angelic realms according to His eternal purpose, which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Ephesians 3:10-11).”



Since America Won’t Stop Christian Genocide, Israel Should

“Remember, Israel, that you were enslaved, persecuted, and almost exterminated. Remember that some wanted to destroy you from the face of the earth. Even now many of your neighbors want to annihilate you. What better way to do good to some of your enemies and save yourself at the same time than by forging an alliance with Arab Christians?”

While it is true a great vacuum has been created by the policies of the Obama administration and Israel does have the power to slightly help Middle East Christians. That does not mean they should do so. An alliance with Arab Christians would be extremely one sided  and of little benefit to Israel. I feel for these Christians as well but to ask Israel to do the job that frankly the US should be doing is an emotional argument and not very practical.  Israel has enough trouble justifying defending itself let alone another persecuted minority in the Middle East.

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