Articles of the Day 7/29/16: Naive, Stupid, or Both

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in the Middle East– Russia delivers message from Syria to Israel. 
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror–
Palestinian incitement–
US retreat from Middle East–
Pope Francis active in politics– Pope thinks Muslim attacks are not about religion.
Northern border tension– 
Southern border tension–
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

Assad tells Netanyahu: If you help me, I will guarantee Israeli security

“Meanwhile Kuwait Newspaper “Al Jareeda ” reported that Assad sent a letter to Netanyahu ahead of his meeting with Putin in which he vowed to keep the Golan heights free of any arms  and to continue to honor the ceasefire between the 2 countries ”

 “Help me to succeed in controlling my areas and I will guarantee security and peace for Israel in Golan on condition you don’t side with any party that wants to topple my regime ” , the daily quoted Assad as saying.”
Who in their right mind would trust Assad?

‘IDF special forces, US Marines train for combating ISIS in Negev drill’

“IDF special forces units teamed up with US Marines last week for a joint military exercise in the Negev Desert in part aimed at coordinating techniques for combating terrorist activities such as that of Islamic State, Channel 2 revealed Thursday morning. The drill dubbed ‘Noble Shirley,’ which was kept under wraps until now, reportedly involved special units from the Israeli Air Force, Navy and ground forces.”

“During the exercise, the troops took part in drills simulating helicopter landings behind enemy lines, urban warfare above and below ground along with close-range combat and military takeover techniques.  Additional exercises also reportedly concentrated on medical responses to injured troops in enemy territory and the coordination of Israeli and US medical networks. The drill was said to have been conducted during day and nighttime hours.”

Interesting, why was it secret and why was it revealed now?

A fortified Sderot continues life under the threat from Gaza

Hamas conducts weapons course for wives of officials

“Due to fear of Israeli operations, Hamas provides self-defense and weapons course for women, but only for officials’ family members.”

The Israeli model for beating ‘lone-wolf’ terrorism

“We understand that once we assembled three or four profiles, most of the attackers were inside those specific lines of those profiles,” a senior Israeli military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.”

For the West, that would mean profiling Muslims. Do they have the will to do this? I think not. But they should. 

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Avoiding al Qaeda’s Syria Trap: Jabhat al Nusra’s Rebranding

“The leader of al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al Nusra, announced the end of his group’s operations and the creation of a new entity named Jabhat Fatah al Sham today. He claims that this new organization has “no affiliation to any external entity.” The maneuver removes a key obstacle Jabhat al Nusra faced in Syria, namely the al Qaeda brand name, but it does not denote a change in the group’s Salafi-jihadi ideology. Rather, the break will facilitate the unification of armed Syrian opposition groups around a core that still pursues al Qaeda’s long-term objective of establishing an Islamic emirate in Syria.”

With Army in Disarray, a Pillar of Modern Turkey Lies Broken

“Now, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wages a widespread purge, jailing and suspending tens of thousands of state employees, the military that has long served as a unifying force for the country is deeply divided, diminished and discredited. Nearly half of the top generals and admirals have been jailed or dismissed and thousands of foot soldiers charged. More than 1,500 officers were dishonorably discharged this week in advance of a meeting of the Supreme Military Council in Ankara on Thursday, where leaders were expected to consider a broader restructuring of the military.”



Pope says attacks shows ‘world is at war’, religion not to blame

“About 15 minutes later, after greeting journalists individually, Francis took the microphone again and said he wanted “to clarify” that he was not referring to a war of religion.

“Not a war of religion. There is a war of interests. There is a war for money. There is a war for natural resources. There is a war for domination of peoples. This is the war,” he said.

“All religions want peace. Others want war. Do you understand?” he said.”

Of course it is a war of religion. Islam is inflicting war on the rest of the world. I don’t know if the Pope is very naive, stupid, or both.

Israel Navy Readies for Third-Generation USV

“TEL AVIV – The Israel Navy is planning to deploy a new generation of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) based on a US-built combat craft and remote-control technologies and subsystems developed by state-owned Rafael, a naval officer said Wednesday.”

France mulls banning foreign financing for mosques

“French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says an indefinite prohibition on foreign financing of mosques is under consideration amid predictions of more terror atrocities after the murder of a priest in a Normandy church by ISIS supporters.“This war, which does not only concern France, will be long and we will see more attacks,” he added. “But we will win, because France has a strategy to win this war. First we must crush the external enemy.” The French government is under increasing criticism for failing to prevent the attack in Normandy when the security forces were warned that one of the killers was out and dangerous.”

This would be a positive step but the EU is so politically correct I doubt any country in the EU has the will to carry it out.



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