Articles of the Day 10/5/16: Just Bluffing

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in the Middle East– Russian military adding air defense to bases in Syria preparing for possible US attack.
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror– Palestinians continue fruitless attacks
Palestinian incitement–
US retreat from Middle East– US bluffing strikes against Assad. 
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension– ISIS fires rocket into Sderot. IAF retaliates against Hamas. 
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

IAF retaliates for ISIS-affiliate’s rocket fire on Sderot

“The Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza early Wednesday afternoon after a rocket claimed by Ansar Beit Al Maqdis, the ISIS affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, exploded outside a school in Sderot. No casualties or damage were caused. Earlier, IAF artillery and tanks shelled Hamas facilities in Gaza.”

Rocket Explodes Near Homes in Sderot

“Terror again struck the Holy Land early today when a rocket fired from Gaza exploded in the southern Israeli town of Sderot. Arutz Sheva’s Ido Ben Porat reports that the rocket, claimed by an ISIS-affiliated terrorist organization, caused damage to a residential neighborhood.”

The IDF’s active defense brings security to Hebron region

“The 401st Tank brigade controls the area around Hebron, conducting searches for weapons and protecting Israel’s border as a new fence is constructed. The soldiers have been up late every night conducting raids. There are arrests to be made, searches for illegal weapons, military gear, pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails. “We aren’t the first to do this, says Lt. Col. Tsafrir Harshoshanim, commander of battalion 46 of the 401st tank brigade, “but the offensive operations we are doing have found many weapons. We have failed two terror attacks. We located [Palestinians] preparing firebomb attacks.”

Stabbing attack, violent protests at Kalandia checkpoint

“A Palestinian man reportedly stabbed an IDF soldier at the checkpoint separating the West Bank and Jerusalem; the attacker was shot and killed by security forces at the scene, and the soldier is said to have been moderately wounded; later on, violent protests broke out at the checkpoint.”

Elite IAF commandos at forefront of ‘war between wars’ behind enemy lines

“Yet on any given day, the unit’s members might be far from Israel, carrying out a growing number of covert missions that make up the IDF’s ‘War Between Wars,’ – a series of low-profile operations that greatly benefit Israeli security. Shaldag (Hebrew for the Kingfisher bird) is the name of an Israel Air Force (IAF) commando unit that operates on the ground, in the depth of enemy territory.

Built to gather intelligence and attack enemy targets in a stealthy and surprising manner, the unit’s achievements are numerous, dramatic, and hidden behind a tight veil of official secrecy. A senior military source familiar with the unit said last week that its area of coverage began where Israel’s borders ended, and continued onwards, far beyond.”

Outer Ring (countries or terror groups that are close to but not bordering Israel)

Obama administration considering strikes on Assad, again

“U.S. military strikes against the Assad regime will be back on the table Wednesday at the White House, when top national security officials in the Obama administration are set to discuss options for the way forward in Syria. But there’s little prospect President Obama will ultimately approve them.”

Many people are linking this story to Isaiah 17 (destruction of Damascus). However, I think the Obama administration is just bluffing. They wouldn’t attack Syria when they were using chemical weapons against civilians so I do not think they will attack now.  Everyone knows the Obama administration is weak and reluctant to use force under any circumstances. That is why you see Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China all acting more bold and aggressive these days.

Why The Battle For Aleppo Is So Important

“The city — once the country’s most populous, and a commercial hub — is a key prize in the civil war. For four years, it has been divided between government and rebel forces and was in effect a military stalemate.”

Syria conflict: Russia sends missile system to Tartus base

“Defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the purpose of the system was to guarantee the security of the base from the air.”

Russia deploys advanced anti-missile system to Syria for first time, US officials say

“Components of the SA-23 Gladiator anti-missile and anti-aircraft system, which has a range of roughly 150 miles, arrived over the weekend “on the docks” of a Russian naval base along Syria’s Mediterranean coastal city of Tartus, two US officials said.”

Saudi Arabia starts ‘naval war game’ live fire exercise

“DUBAI – Saudi Arabia began naval war games including live fire exercises on Tuesday in the Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important oil route, official media reported, a move that coincides with heightened tensions with regional rival Iran.”

Russian embassy in Damascus hit by mortar attack; Moscow points finger at U.S.

“Russian officials say the attack is an act of terrorism, and suggest the United States could have been involved.”


Panic as two Russian bombers blast across Europe – causing FOUR countries to scramble fighter jets to intercept them

“During the flight, the bombers swooped across the top of Scotland, before skirting the west coast of Ireland, completing their route near northern Spain.

Spanish media has reported it is the furthest south such an operation has had to take place – while the frequency of Russian bombers being intercepted by Nato aircraft has significantly increased.”

Western weakness has embolden Russia.

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