Articles of the Day 10/12/16: Stealing Israeli Land…The UN Way

Current Major Trends To Watch

(=increasing, =decreasing =no change)

Deepening Russian involvement in the Middle East–
Temple Mount tensions–
Palestinian terror–
Palestinian incitement– 
US retreat from Middle East–
Pope Francis active in politics–
Northern border tension–
Southern border tension–
One world government advancement–
One world religion advancement–


Inner Ring (Countries or terror groups that border Israel)

UNESCO to vote on text describing Temple Mt, Western Wall as Muslim holy sites

“In letter ahead of debate, 39 US legislators urge agency to reject resolution, slam ‘obsessive hostility towards Israel.’”

This is a UN attempt to steal Israeli land from the Jews and give it to Arabs. What right do they have to do such a thing? God gave this land to the Jews, not the Arabs. Its corrupt notions like these that make me call for ceasing all aide to the UN.

Bible Prophecy

The Body Of Moses

“Q. I recently saw a sermon discussing the prophetic implications of this battle over Moses’ body. At the Transfiguration, Moses represents the dead in Christ and the fact that God will resurrect the bodies of the dead in Christ (hence the fight over his body) and Elijah represented those that are alive and will be raptured. Thoughts?

A. My view of the Mt. of Transfiguration is that Moses and Elijah represent the Old Testament (Law and Prophets) and Peter, James and John represent the New Testament (Church). Also in view are the Father (Voice), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (Cloud).

But allowing the premise of the sermon you heard, since the dead in Christ will receive new resurrection bodies, I don’t see why Moses would need an old natural body to represent them. The dead in Christ would not be left in their graves for lack of their old body, of which for most no particle larger than a grain of dust remains.”

The Book Of Life

“Q. I have a question regarding Revelation 3:5 and the Book of Life. My pastor recently preached this verse to say that all the names of every human being who ever lived has their name written in the Book of Life, then if they die without faith in Christ, their name is blotted out. However, when I look at this verse it speaks of not blotting out names. I have always understood that the Book of Life has only ever contained the names of the elect, and that this verse assures us that we cannot lose our salvation: if we have repented of our sin and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we can never lose the promise of our eternity with Christ, we can never be blotted out of the Book. Can you please clarify this for me?

A. Jewish tradition holds that a person’s place in the Book of Life depends on their obedience to the Law. Each year on Rosh Hashanah the Book is reviewed and those deserving are inscribed for another year of life. Those who are not deserving have 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to right every wrong they can. If they’re successful, their names will be inscribed for another year before the book is closed on Yom Kippur. A common greeting among Orthodox Jews during that time is,”May your name be inscribed in the book.” What that means is life is only granted on a year by year basis and is dependent on obedience. Obviously this was only intended for Jews and is not meant to be universal. (Otherwise all Gentiles would die in their first year of accountability.)

Also, the context here is physical life. When Moses offered to have his name blotted out of the book to pay for the sins of the people (Exodus 32:32) he was offering to give his life to pay for their disobedience. God refused his offer but later sent His Son to accomplish a similar but much grander purpose. Jesus gave His life to pay for our disobedience. But His death didn’t didn’t simply buy us another year of physical life. Those who believe in Him won’t ever perish but will have eternal life (John 3:16). This is what He meant in Rev. 3:5 when He said He would never blot our names out of the book. We who are His never, ever, ever have to worry about having our names blotted out of the book of life, because thanks to our belief in Him we have eternal life.”

The Rapture And The Doctrine Of Immanency

“Q. Is there a specific time of the year for some of the Rapture verses in Scripture? If so,then shouldn’t we know exactly what time of year to be looking for Him to come? For instance in Micah Chapter 7 it speaks of Summer fruits as a time when the Good man has disappeared out of the earth.

My point is this,many say Immanency is a Biblical concept,but if the Word of God is giving a specific time of year for the season of the Rapture then the Word of God has to come to pass exactly as what is written. I hope it is Imminent otherwise we all have to maybe wait a few more months before we can get into the season again. I am struggling with the concept of Immanency if the Scriptures are pin-pointing a specific time of the year. I am open to be taught on the concept of Immanency and how it relates to the Rapture.

A. Trying to anticipate the Rapture by looking for the most likely date for its occurrence is man’s idea, not God’s. The thought behind the Doctrine of Immanency is that the Lord can come at any time for His Church. As you point out, as soon as a probable date is selected, the Doctrine of Immanency goes out the window.

In the past I’ve written that if the Rapture were to occur on a specific date, then the Feast of Pentecost would be the one most likely because it’s the only Biblically significant date that seems to describe the Church.

But I’ve also written that I don’t believe that the Rapture is a date specific event, but is number specific instead. That means that it won’t happen on any particular day, but only when the pre-determined number of humans become believers. This conclusion comes from Romans 11:25. If you stop to think about it, the number specific concept is the only one consistent with the Doctrine of Immanency.”

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