11/11/16: Prayers For Aleppo

Syria conflict: Food rations run out in rebel-held Aleppo

The last remaining food rations are being distributed in besieged rebel-held eastern districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the UN has said.

Now that the American election is over might someone notice the amount of suffering in Aleppo. Solution….finish off IS.

John Howell: Celebrating one hundred years of the Balfour Declaration

“Over the past century the world has witnessed a country rise out of the desert and flourish, against all odds, to become the ‘Start-Up Nation’ – a world leader in technological innovation, cyber security, academia, and medicine.

The Balfour Declaration was instrumental in the creation of the State of Israel, adding the official British voice to the chorus that wanted to give “a land without a people to a people without a land”.

Top Iranian general: Tehran gave Hezbollah missiles it used against Israel

“Iranian missile factory in Aleppo transferred rockets to Hezbollah for use in 2006 war against Israel, chief of staff says.”

Astonishing how the UN repeatedly condemns Israel but says nothing about Iran openly arming terrorist groups who target civilians.

Trump: Israel is a ray of hope to the world

“President-elect declares in first message to Jewish state that he ‘loves Israel and its citizens,’ calling Israel a ‘ray of hope.'”

Lets pray that he really means it.

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