A Chosen Instrument

Moscow and Tehran negotiating $10 billion arms deal

“The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported today (Monday) that Russia and Iran are in the midst of discussing a large arms deal worth $10 billion. According to the report, Moscow is interested in selling Iran tanks, artillery systems, planes and helicopters.”

Flush with cash from the nuclear deal, Iran is going on an arms buying spree. Which may have well been the goal all along. Remove sanctions and get cash to buy arms.

What Netanyahu wants from Trump

“First, he will present Trump with a geostrategic analysis of the current situation in the Middle East. Netanyahu wishes to remove the resolution of the Palestinian issue from the list of elements necessary for regional stability and convince the new president that fundamentalist terror is the root problem of the region (and for world stability for that matter). Netanyahu will argue that the Islamic State, Hezbollah and Hamas are the real enemies of both Israel and pragmatic Arab countries. Thus, the region should align around the battle against Iranian-sponsored terror, not the Palestinian statehood issue.

The second topic for Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump would be, according to the Israeli side, the Iran deal. The prime minister intends to persuade the new president to cooperate closely with Israel on Iranian compliance with the agreement. He will encourage American deterrence against Iran’s long-range missile development and the sponsoring of regional and international terrorism. American sanctions against Tehran must therefore remain a realistic option, Netanyahu will claim.

Netanyahu’s third issue — the main aim of this meeting as far as the prime minister is concerned — would be preventing American and international pressure on Israel on the following points.”

It will be very interesting to see how aligned Netanyahu and Trump will be. Will Trump be a better friend to Putin then Netanyahu? So far is saying and doing all the right things. I for one will keeping an eye on his advisors. Stephen Bannon is certainly a questionable one.   We will have to wait and see what kind of polices come out regarding Israel. One thing is certain, God has chosen Trump to be his instrument. 

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