Tainted and Corrupted

Hezbollah organizes military parade in Syria

“The MEMRI institute, which follows reports in the Arab press regarding ‘martyrs day,” reported that this was the first time Hezbollah had held a parade of this size. It explained that the choice of location was because the town was a symbol of the cooperation between Hezbollah fighters and Assad’s Syrian army in their fight against rebel groups.”

The most disappointing thing is that Hezbollah is using US-made equipment.

Hezbollah flaunts American equipment in Syria parade

“US-made M113 APCs spotted in large military parade held Friday in Syria’s Qusayr, Hezbollah’s first on foreign soil.”

It’s clear the Lebanese army cannot be trusted. They are tainted and corrupted by Hezbollah. Big mistake by the US to give them arms. The US needs to do a better job and be more careful when they hand out arms to people. Hezbollah is trying to re-establish  their image which has been damaged by the Syrian war. 

When the Syrian war is over, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Lebanon will turn their sights on Israel. God is in control. All things are moving in the direction of his will.  Read the Bible and learn about Bible Prophecy.

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