Israel Happy To See Obama Go

Israel Puts the Spike Missile on its Apache Helicopters

  • “For this reason, Israel concluded that the U.S. under Obama was not a reliable supplier of either helicopters or missiles.
  • Israel’s Spike is superior to the Hellfire. It has longer range, making it safer to use against an enemy that possesses shoulder-fired ground to air missiles.
  • Worse yet, despite Saudi Arabia’s horrible bombing performance in Yemen, the U.S. continues to sell billions of dollars’ worth of weapons and has stepped up shipments of munitions.
  • The Spike is a better option than the Hellfire and safer to use, which is why 25 nations now use the missile and 25,000 or more have been produced.”

Good article. Shows how the US has been an unreliable ally under Obama. I think Ukraine would nod in agreement. This incident worked out best for Israel because God is watching but Israel would also be better served not to become to reliant on US weapons. 

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