Land Of Israel Does Belong To God

The Land of Israel belongs to G-d

“Many lessons can be learned from this Rashbam. 1)The Land of Israel cannot be surrendered in a Peace deal or Treaty.2)The Land of Gaza is part of Eretz Yisrael. 3)The surrender of Gaza by Abraham caused major repercussions in Heaven for Abraham and his Descendants. 4)The Land of Israel belongs to G-d who gifted it to the Jewish People for eternity to safeguard, protect, and treasure.”

UNESCO Has Been used As a Weapon To Wage A Cultural War (beware plenty of Ads)

“These sites are revered in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Yet the resolution speaks only of the Temple Mount and its Western Wall as a purely Islamic site, deliberately undermining Jewish and Christian links to two of the most important holy sites in the world for both faiths. This is not just an affront to millions of Jews around the world, it is also a denial of Christian history and is deeply offensive to over a billion Christians worldwide.”

Note to Newsweek: Your site sucks. My browser slowed to a crawl when I was at your site. As soon as I left all systems normal. Almost didn’t post this.

The land of Israel does belong to God and he gave it to the Jewish people. What UNESCO is doing is an attempt to steal the land and delegitimize Israel. This a a major affront to God. We could pray for the people of UNESCO but would it do any good?

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