CNN Looks In the Mirror

Israel: Iran is smuggling weapons to Hezbollah on commercial flights

“UN Ambassador Danny Danon sent an urgent letter to the Security Council members in which he revealed the smuggling route from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to Hezbollah.”

Big collective yawn from the UN on this one.

CNN apologizes for ‘Are Jews People’ headline

“Segment discussing white supremacist think tank’s anti-Semitic rhetoric sparks controversy.”

CNN trying so hard to link Trump to white supremacist grouped they stepped into it. There are likely people working for CNN who are more antisemitic then Trump is so it is quite ironic. 

Death toll among Iran’s forces in Syrian war passes 1,000

“BEIRUT – More than 1,000 soldiers deployed by Iran to Syria to back the government side in its civil war have been killed, an Iranian official said, underlining Tehran’s increasing presence on front lines of the conflict.”

Demonstrates just how important Syria is to Iran. The death toll is likely higher then what they are admitting too. 

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