Rebels Are Starting to Crumble in Aleppo

Seven Thunders

“Q. What, in your opinion, was the content/nature of the seven thunders in the book of Revelation, that John was forbidden to record. The events of Revelation are quite terrifying. What could possibly be worse, so much so that the nature/content of the seven thunders is kept secret?

A. When John was told not to write down what the seven thunders said we were being told that man would have no advance knowledge of this event. Some speculate that it’s a secret cycle of judgments, but there’s no way of knowing that. It could be an act of mercy, or it could be a move of the Holy Spirit to gather more souls before the door to heaven closes. We simply don’t know nor will we until we witness them from our new home in the heavenlies.”

Is Rev. 12 About The Church?

“Q. Please explain Revelation 12, verse 6. Is this the church during the tribulation period?

A. In Rev. 12 the dragon represents Satan and the woman represents Israel. We know this because verse 5 tells us that the woman gave birth to the Messiah. It was Israel who gave birth to the Lord, not the Church. Rev. 12:6 describes the believing remnant of Israel being protected in the desert during the time of the Great Tribulation. This thought is expanded in verses 13-17. Many believe that the place she’ll be taken is Petra, in modern Jordan.”

State Comptroller: Israeli Defense Ministry failed to prepare home front for state of emergency

“According to a special report released by Israel’s State Comptroller Yosef Shapira, the Israeli Security Cabinet and government have not prepared the home front for a state of emergency. Shapira wrote in the report that almost 50% of the bomb shelters throughout the country are in poor condition and are not prepared to accommodate citizens in the event of a serious missile attack.”

Aleppo Rebels Weaken in Regime Onslaught

“Civilians in opposition-held parts of the city said the situation is becoming desperate.”

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