Second Strike In A Week

Israeli jets said to strike Syrian army, Hezbollah sites

“Important military airport, installations near Damascus reportedly bombed; several Hezbollah fighters killed, sources say.”

Second strike near Damascus in a week. Whatever it is they are targeting they obviously didn’t get it the first time.

Report: IDF strikes near Damascus

Image result for Israel surface to surface Delilah missiles

“Arab media outlets have reported that the IDF targets inside Syria near the capital city of Damascus early Wednesday morning. The incident has yet to be confirmed by Israeli sources, and the IDF has refused to comment on the report. According to the claims, large explosions were heard around the El-Mezzeh airbase just outside of Damascus. No casualties were reported in the attack. A Syrian state media service report by SANA claimed the attack was made by land-based missile batteries, with no reference to Israeli air units. “At 3:00 a.m. (0100 GMT), the Israeli enemy fired several surface-to-surface missiles from inside occupied territory.”

What is different about this attack is the potential use of land base missiles which would be good news. The presence of Russian anti-air defenses might promote the use of other weapons. Remember too the IAF often conducts strikes by shooting missiles from Lebanese airspace either from planes are using drones. Two possibilities are the Jericho I missile and the Delilah missile.

Declassified IDF Map Shows Hezbollah Installations Embedded in Civilian Areas


“A map released Tuesday by the Israel Defense Forces shows the degree to which Hezbollah has embedded itself into the Lebanese civilian population. The map shows hundreds of military emplacements, including weapons depots, rocket launchers, and terror tunnels, that Hezbollah has constructed in preparation for its next war against Israel. Hezbollah’s deliberate positioning of military infrastructure in Lebanese villages, a tactic that the IDF has called a “war crime,” is consistent with the Iran-backed terror organization’s history of exploiting civilians to launch wars against Israel.”

The IDF is just reminding the world that when conflict starts in the north the civilian casualties will be high. The Lebanese people are being used as human shields by Hezbollah.

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