Cautiously Optimistic

Hezbollah using US-supplied weapons, says Israeli intelligence

“Lebanon has received over $200 million worth of weapons this year from the US, making it the fifth highest recipient of American military assistance. The Israeli intelligence community believes that the weapons were transferred to Hizbollah as part of a deal with the Lebanese army and that the Shia force has recently “strengthened its grip on the main national institutions in Lebanon”, including the army.”

Astounding the Obama administration did not consider this would happen.

Are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait Funding German Salafism?

“For quite some time we’ve had indications and evidence that German Salafists are getting assistance, which is approved by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, in the form of money, the sending of imams and the building of Koran schools and mosques.”

These same 3 countries. Over and over again these countries are behind much terror in the world. They are responsible for the war in Syria as much as Assad is. Iran is a great source of evil in the world but these Arab countries are no better. In 10 years, will Germany become Syria? Why not hold them accountable now?

Trump Advisor: West Bank Belongs to Israel

“A senior officials in US President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team visited this week and stated that the so-called “West Bank” clearly belongs to Israel.”

Cautiously optimistic about a refreshing foreign policy regarding Israel.

Are terrorists receiving money for sitting in jail?

“The Palestinian Authority has allocated a part of its budget from foreign aid to jailed terror suspects as well as their families.”

Cease Western aide to the Palestinian Authority NOW!

Turkish military claims it captured strategic roads in northern Syria

“Turkey’s military said Wednesday morning that Turkish-backed Syrian rebel militias had taken full control of Syrian routes M4 and 212, the main roads connecting the cities of al-Bab and Aleppo. It marked the latest development in the “Euphrates Shield” operation, Ankara’s invasion of northern Syria that is aimed at removing both ISIS and Kurdish forces from Turkey’s southern border. Ankara announced the operation on August 24.”

Left-wing author: Time to give up on Palestinian statehood

“Long-time advocate of two-state solution adopts ‘Bennett plan’ proposed by Jewish Home.”

It has always been the hope of the Left that the US would force a weak two-state solution on Israel. God did not let that happen. But it almost did.

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