Cease Funding Evil

The “Peace Conference”: An Outright Admission of Failure

“After 23 years and billions of dollars, the Palestinians still lack “infrastructure for a viable… economy.” They cannot manage “service delivery.” And there is no “civil society” in Palestinian Authority (PA) areas able to express dissent or disapproval of Mahmoud Abbas’s 12-year power grab of a 4-year presidential term. Gaza under Hamas is worse.”

I don’t know if it is an admission of failure so much as an admission that these 70 nations are going to continue fund terror, pressure Israel to divide her land and incur the wrath of God on their people. Israel is lucky, I suppose, that another resolution did not come from this hate fest. The bottom line is, nothing will change. The Trump administration may defend Israel in the UN but that looks to be the best we can hope for over the next four years. My hope was that all funding to the UN and the Palestinians would cease completely.

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