Peace Not Possible With Evil

Hizballah lists targeted Israeli “nuclear sites”

“Hizballah’s latest round of threats against Israel reached a new peak Thursday, March 2, with the release of a videotape claiming to expose nine locations allegedly tied to the production and assembly of Israel’s nuclear weapons, DEBKAfile reports. The Lebanese Shiite terror organization said it possessed precise missiles for wiping out Israel’s nuclear infrastructure and attached addresses to all its targets.”

Iran’s Navy to Benefit From an Expiring UN Ban, U.S. Study Says

“Iran is likely to go on an international shopping spree for surface warships, submarines and anti-ship missiles after the expiration in 2020 of a United Nations resolution prohibiting it from acquiring sophisticated weapons, according to the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence.”

Iran has plenty of cash now because of the Iran deal. I think everyone knew this was going to happen except for Ben Rhodes.

IDF retaliates to rocket, gunfire from Gaza Strip

“The Israel Defense Forces attacked two Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip with artillery fire and airstrikes on Thursday in retaliation to rockets fired from the Strip on Wednesday.

Earlier on Thursday, shots were fired at IDF forces carrying out routine activities on the border with the Gaza Strip, an army engineering vehicle was reportedly hit by gunfire according to the Times of Israel, but no injuries have been reported. A statement from the IDF said that a hit was confirmed.”

After electing a new hard line leader it appears Hamas is escalating tensions in the south.

Israeli Official To Hamas: We Know Of Your Cooperation With ISIS In Sinai

“Hamas leaders: Your efforts to hide your cooperation with Islamic State’s smuggling from Sinai, through lies and manipulation in attempts to broadcast ‘business as usual’ with Egypt, are not hidden from our view,” the head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories unit wrote in Arabic on Facebook.”

Lebanon’s Army and Hizbullah Join Ranks

“Hizbullah has completed the process of usurping the Lebanese state and its institutions. The election of Michel Aoun as president, through a forced arrangement with Hizbullah, has fulfilled the Iranian vision of controlling Lebanon without changing the power equation that has prevailed there since the National Pact of 1943. That historic unwritten agreement divided political power among the Lebanese communities and stipulated that the president would be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni, and the speaker of the parliament a Shiite.”

Now if Western countries could please stop arming the Lebanese Army that would be great.

Palestinian official: ‘I pray to Allah that Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs’

“The comments by Salah Zawawi were made in a Feb. 20 interview on Iran-backed Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV and were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Zawawi decried the “100-year-old Western enterprise,” which he claimed seeks to establish a “Greater Israel” in order to “control disintegrated Arab and Islamic countries, and indeed, this is happening today in our Islamic world.”

Peace just not possible with evil.

Timing Of Ezekiel

“Q. In response to the recent inquiry concerning Ezekiel 38 timing you quote Ezekiel “from that day forward Israel will know I am the Lord”. However, shortly after that, Israel will turn and worship the anti-christ. That doesn’t look like “from that day forward”. Am I misinterpreting here?


A. According to Matt. 24:15, when the anti-Christ is revealed, believing Jews are to rush into the mountains for protection. In Rev. 12:14 this same scene is symbolized by the woman (Israel) being carried away on the wings of a great eagle to the place prepared for her in the desert. There she will be taken care of for 3 1/2 years, the duration of the Great Tribulation.

It’s those Jews who haven’t opened their eyes to the real Messiah who are fooled into thinking that the anti-Christ is their Messiah. The true believers all flee for their lives as God has commanded.”

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