Left Behind Letter


By now you will have seen the power of God. Millions have disappeared with no real explanation. You are probably scared and heartbroken over those you know who have been taken. Your searching for answers because no one can provide any. Your search has led you here and I will do my best to help you.

The rapture has taken place. True believers in the Jesus Christ have been taken. Like a thief in the night it has happened. Many so called ‘Christians’ are still with you. They were not quite ready. Do not believe what the media or government may tell you. True believers (The Church) are now with the Lord.

Now it is a very fragile time for you. There is still hope. The decision to choose Jesus Christ remains with you. Repent (ask for forgiveness) for your sins and turn away from evil. The corruption of the world is rotting it away. The Church can no longer preserve the earth.  Now is the time. The rapture was a call for the Church to assemble and meet the Lord, our beloved groom, in the air. But it was also a wake-up call to you. The righteous spirit within you has been kindled. However, know that you will encounter much resistance.  A very difficult time is coming and may already be upon you.

A man is coming to power and he will soon be revealed to be a ‘savoir’. He will have many answers and he will come in peace….at first. Do not believe him, do not be deceived. He is the evil one, the anti-Christ, and he will force you to take his mark and bow down to him. If you take his mark on your right hand or forehead you will belong to him forever. You may think you cannot survive without the mark and you may be right but it is better to die believing in Christ then to live (physically) on your way to eternal torment with the evil one.

It is important for you to get a Bible and read the book of Revelation in the New Testament. The prophecies in Revelation are about to be fulfilled. Read also the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, prophecies there too are about to be fulfilled. You should know many will be against you. Christians during this time will be hated, persecuted, tortured and executed for their belief in the one true God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and in his one son Jesus Christ who did died so that many could be saved. Jesus lives and will be coming back for you.

The evil one will confirm a seven year treaty with Israel and he will break that treaty half way through the seven years. When this happens things in the world will begin to move swiftly towards darkness. Keep an eye on Israel and what happens to her. Israel is the key. There will be a great war against Israel but God will save her.  You can be the light if you believe. Pray to God our Father often. He, his son Jesus and we, the departed, are with you. Though we are not seen yet. Once the prophecies are fulfilled, we will come back with him and defeat the evil one. You are not alone. You never will be alone. Be strong, take courage.

You were born for this time and this moment.

Peace and Grace to you!

The Church


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